RangersTV Live Streaming Help

This is the help page for issues with Live Streaming. Our general Help page is here.

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If you need further assistance, you can contact our help team by sending and email to [email protected]. Please check the FAQ's before sending an email as your question may already be answered.

Why can't I see the live game in the UK ?

Rights agreements mean that live SFL/SPL, League and Cup games are only available to fans outside of the UK. Because of these rights agreements we must block all users within the UK/ROI. We use geo-blocking to do this - that means we test your registered location, using your IP address, and only show if it matches a non-UK/ROI country.

Your computer

Most modern computers should have no problem running a video. If you have a machine that's more than 4 years old, or has less than 1G RAM, you might need to upgrade. Occasionally an unusual video card can be a problem but that's rare.

Not Using a Computer?

We currently only stream the live matches to Flash format. This means they are not accessible on iPhone or iPad, though the recorded programmes are.

Other devices (eg. Blackberry Playbook) may be able to show the videos if they use Flash.

Your connection

The actual streaming video runs at 2Mbit (high quality) down to 0.4 Mbit (really low quality, but still watchable for people with poor connections.)

Test speeds using bandwidth tester like:
http://www.speedtest.net/ (try a link to UK)

You'll need at least 2Mb minimum download speed (it goes up and down), though there are many other factors which can affect performance.
With the variations you get in that bandwidth, it can easily drop to below workable. We've found 5-6 Mbit minimum (measured speed, rather than nominal speed that your provider tells you you get) is needed for reliable playback.

There are other factors:

  • response time ("ping time") can have a bearing on performance
  • contention (ie. how many people you are sharing the line with) will have a big influence especially at peak times where bandwidth is squeezed. Ideally, a non-contended line (ie. shared with no one) would be most reliable, but these can be expensive.

Before you start - can you see anything?

It's a good idea to have a look at the site first.
On the home page at: http://rangerstv.tv
You should see a video start playing.

If you just see a black box, or if the video is playing badly:

Watching The Live Match

All sorts of things can interfere with a reliable stream.
Make sure there are no large downloads OR uploads happening on the same network (this might be on another machine in a different room).

Some examples:

  • automatic system/software updates
  • any backups
  • someone else attempting to stream video
  • checking emails during match (in case someone sends a large attachment)
  • software like Skype or Dropbox can use bursts of bandwidth, even if apparently not in use
  • if you use VPN, it's a good idea to deactivate it

It's also worth noting that sometimes the first few minutes of live streaming can be less reliable. It may take a few minutes to settle. The delivery mechanism is set up to optimise the best route through the internet, and this process only starts when you start the video. In other words, be patient.

Be aware that you can click the arrows at the bottom of the video (roll pointer over to see) to make the video show full-screen. This is what you'll need if you are playing it onto a large screen.

We stream the video at three different bandwidths/qualities. The player will automatically adjust to the best one that will work with your broadband. This means you might occasionally see a drop in quality if your bandwidth drops. This is intentional - it is to make sure you keep seeing the match, even if you've lost the ability to see high quality.

If it's not working…

Some likely problems:

  • some people have had problems with wireless connections. If this is the case, it's better to use a cable connection to your router/modem.
  • if you are experiencing buffering problems (screen might say "buffering" or you may have jerky playback), you may need to restart your router/modem. This can usually be done via a passworded web interface. Or alternatively a restart button on the router/modem box, or failing that, pull the power out for 30 seconds and plug it back in.
  • problems with ADSL filters can also cause trouble - if you have a spare one you can try it, this has worked for other users with problems
  • if the player gives you a bandwidth measurement that is lower than needed, you have a problem with your internet connection. If you expected to have plenty bandwidth (eg. you're paying for a 8Mb service), check the notes in previous section for other activities that might be consuming the bandwidth.
  • if you are being told you can't watch because you are in the UK/ROI (and you're not) then your IP address has been registered incorrectly and you need to talk to your service provider (ISP).

It worked Before and Now It Doesn't

You may have used up all your monthly allocation.

Some Packages on some ISPs have a monthly allowance of data - some as low as 1 Gb per month. A typical match will use 1 Gb of data transfer, which might eat up all your allowance. Once you are past your limit, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is likely to throttle your connection ie. give you a connection far slower than normal and certainly not enough for video streaming.

If you suspect this is the case - contact your ISP or check your Terms & Conditions - you may need to buy a more powerful package.

Even when there is no specified allowance, there can be what's known as a Fair Use Policy - where your ISP can cut your bandwidth if they feel you are using too much.