Decision of the Takeover Appeal Board
Rule 9 Offer
Rangers International Football Club PLC ( Rangers)
Rule 2.9 Announcement – Relevant Securities in Issue

In accordance with Rule 2.9 of the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers RIFC confirms that, as at the date of this announcement, it has in issue 81,478,201 ordinary shares of 1 pence each.


The Takeover Panel Executive has granted Rangers and Mr King a dispensation from the requirements under the City Code that announcements must be published via a Regulatory Information Service (“RIS”).

Mr King and Rangers are instead required to publish all announcements on the Rangers website at [ ]. No announcements will be sent in hard copy form to Rangers shareholders.

The Executive has also granted a dispensation from the requirement in Note 3 on Rule 8 of the Code that disclosures made under Rule 8 of the Code must be made via a RIS. Therefore, any Opening Position Disclosures and Dealing Disclosures required under Rule 8 of the Code may be made to Rangers by email to [[email protected]] and will be published on Rangers’ website at []. A copy must also be sent to the Panel’s Market Surveillance Unit by email to [email protected]