MARK ALLEN believes the Rangers Women’s programme to be an ‘integral part of the overall football philosophy’ of the club.

A recent club announcement revealed the Women’s and Girl’s programmes becoming a full part of the football club, with Allen delighted that is the case.

He told RangersTV: “From my time at Manchester City, the women’s programme came under, if you like, my umbrella, so I am well versed in terms of that game.

“We can see it is developing hugely and it is only right and proper we have a fully integrated team and they will be under the same microscope as us as we want to win and be successful.

“It is a good way to integrate it, and the Academy is the best place for them to be integrated into initially as they are learning to be professionals.


“They need to understand all the requisite things that go with it in terms of eating, training, sleeping and enjoying the facilities which are here.

“I think it is an integral part of the overall football philosophy to have that as part of it.”

Overseeing the Women’s programme will be Amy McDonald, with Gregory Vignal becoming head coach of the Women’s first-team.

Allen believes McDonald to be the perfect person for that role, adding: “Amy has pretty much done everything that needs to be done. We think she is the right person to lead the whole programme, obviously reporting into Craig [Mulholland] initially.

“But, Amy has a wealth of experience there and what we need to do is to fine-tune that and help her and support her with resourcing and players to take us to the level we want to play at and be at.”

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