JORDAN MILSOM believes his previous experience with Liverpool can help any latecomers to Rangers’ pre-season get up to speed quickly.

With Bruno Alves set to join up later once his World Cup campaign with Portugal ends, and potentially more new signings coming in, Milsom is confident he can get them up to pace with the rest of their teammates as quickly as possible.

Speaking to RangersTV: “It does differ, and player importance maybe impacts on how quick they are ranked up. I am used to that coming from Liverpool where maybe 70-80 per-cent of the squad are internationals, and there is generally an international tournament every year whether it is a Euros or a World Cup, or a Confederations Cup or Copa America.

“So I have been used to that for the last decade. It complicates things a bit, but it is about understanding where the players are at and making sure they have had the right recovery from a long, extended season which has typically been at least 12 months at that point.

“With that, you also have players who are probably starting at a higher level anyway. So it does complicate things, but it is more than manageable.”


While already working the players hard in their pre-season camp in Spain, Milsom admits some methods may need to change once the club’s European status is confirmed.

He continued: “Once we know exactly where we are at with Europe, that is going to have a bearing on how we have to prepare.

“It is different preparing for a one game week to a two game week, and the risk associated in terms of injuries etc. is higher in a two-game week.

“So if we are in two-game weeks regularly, then our lads are able to cope with that. We obviously have a winter break too, which is new for me.

“It’s about how you manage that winter break especially the strategy as normally when you come out of it, it is a congested period.

“So it isn’t just about shutting down and resting, we need to be planning an approach to ensure when we come back for that second part of the season, we’re not playing catch-up. But we will get that balance between rest and work absolutely right.”

Regardless, Milsom is excited to see his hard work come to the fore when the players return to action, adding: “It’s a collective. Everyone – whether that is staff or players – is pulling in the one direction to make sure as a club, we are best prepared or the best prepared we can be to be successful.

“So I am really excited about that, the players seem really excited about that and all the coaches and other staff feel the same way too.”

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