LEE WALLACE wants clarity on how players can celebrate after Andy Halliday was dismissed for his reaction to Barrie McKay’s goal against Morton.

The Gers captain says the midfielder’s second yellow card has created some murky water over the talk players receive at the start of the season, setting out the parameters for on pitch behaviour.

Wallace admits that the Rangers squad might have to rein things in from now on, unless they are provided with guidance from the authorities.

The left-back said: “I think with the decision that has been made of course [we will take no chances with our celebrations]. It’s only natural.

“We know on one hand you can’t overdo it with the celebrations. The referees and police came in earlier in the season and discussed these safety procedures with us. We are well aware that taking your top off or anything like that will merit a yellow card.

“But equally, there also has to be a common sense part of it. You have to be passionate.”

“Andy is a born-and-bred Rangers fan. Barrie scored a great goal and he celebrated it. He’s a passionate man and we have to preach that type of passion in the game, albeit without stepping over that mark.

“We don’t know if Andy has done that or not. I’d imagine we’d have to have a bit of clarity because moving forward it is a really shaky one for the officials and the guys above.”

“We know the dos and don’ts include things like placing your hand to your ear or the ‘shooshing’ motion in the area of the fans. But Andy was in the middle of the pitch.

“Again there might need to be a bit of clarity in the where, when and how you celebrate.”

“It’s down to the officials and guys like [the SFA’s head of referees] John Flemming to find a solution.”

The 28-year-old also thinks that fans and players need to have equality when it comes to dos and don’ts.

Wallace stresses that players receive a lot of abuse from opposing fans and that they just have to accept it as part of the game.

He said:

“We as players receive a lot worse than a fist pump or a celebration. That’s part and parcel of the game.

“We’re thick-skinned and know each time we take to the field at an away venue we’re going to get it. We know each time we take to the street we’re going to get it. It’s a 24/7 lifestyle for us and we know we’re going to get abuse.

“But on the pitch the referees are going to need to come to an agreement on what can be done in terms of celebrations.

“Of course we know we can’t jump into crowds and there are certain gestures that merit yellow cards.

“Players know themselves they are going to rile opposition supporters and there is a number of times we’ve had it done to ourselves.

“I’ve seen it when opposition teams score goals but it’s not something we’re going to moan about. It happens.

“But on this front we’ve suffered because we’re losing a key player for Saturday. He’s really low. I spoke to him before training on Thursday.”

“He’s down because of the whole situation. But we will be there for him and I’m sure he’ll be back stronger.”

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