MARK ALLEN has declared himself ‘satisfied’ with Rangers’ summer transfer dealings so far.

The Ibrox Director of Football has overseen seven acquisitions to date, the vast majority of which were secured prior to the club’s pre-season training camp in Portugal.

Speaking exclusively to RangersTV, Allen stressed the importance of getting as much business done as quickly as possible, while also praising the Rangers Board for their help and backing in securing his targets.

He explained: “It has been quite a busy window! We have said on quite a number of occasions we try to get on the front foot so we are well-planned and ready to go with a lot of the acquisitions, though some took longer than others.

“I think on the whole, I am satisfied with where we got to, and we were able to bring people in early enough to make the pre-season trip and then the latest one in adding Filip [Helander] has been another welcome addition which hopefully takes us to the next bit.

“I have always said we have been supported in pretty-much everything we wanted to do. We have been prudent with that too in terms of making sure through good scouting and recruitment we are able to identify players who we think will bring value to the overall organisation, and paying sensible transfer fees to go with that.

“That is premised on recruitment in the background, working hard and making sure we are identifying, watching and doing all the due-diligence before we bring in, and being quick off the mark, hopefully, in most of the windows.

“We were in this one and we were able to secure talent to hopefully make a difference as soon as possible.”

Already this season, manager Steven Gerrard has expressed his desire to improve the level of entertainment his side provide to the Rangers supporters.

On that, Allen continued: “Every year you are looking to improve, and I make no secret of that. Every season we look at where we need improving and where those improvements can come, what positions and what type of profile of players we are looking for.

“I think people can see the profile of the team has changed over the last few windows in terms of the athleticism, the pace and the speed and tempo to the way we want to play.

“If we want to play that way, we are going to have to find players who can match that category and that criteria. That becomes a big part of our recruitment drive when we are identifying talent.”


On top of the seven arrivals so far, Allen refused to rule out that number increasing, adding: “I always say never say never. The transfer window closes in the early part of September this year, so we will go right to the wire, and like all things, if we think there is something out there which can add to what we have already got and we think will make us better, my job is to make that case to the board and see where we get to.

“I think it is fair to say we are pretty much done, but you will always be looking to fine-tune and we will take it to the wire before we make that decision.”

In terms of outgoings, Allen also expects to see further players added to that list, while he was keen to address the departure of Daniel Candeias, who left the club this week.

Allen said: “’Reluctantly’ is probably the best word to use. Danny came to speak to the manager and myself about an opportunity and he made it clear he didn’t want to be a squad player.

“The manager has addressed that point in saying everyone is a squad player and nobody is guaranteed a shirt.

“I think Danny just felt with where he was that he wanted an opportunity to go and speak. Danny has been an unbelievable servant to us and he has worked hard and worked well in the time he has been here.

“We would have liked to have kept Danny. I think I said in the early part of the summer we expect some transition – yes. The manager has sat down with every player in the squad and made it clear to them where he sees them fitting in and the parts they will play.

“There will be some who will be surplus to that, and our job is to make sure they find the next step for them.”

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