PEDRO CAIXINHA believes the manner in which Rangers celebrated each of their four goals on Saturday demonstrates the strong spirit present within the side.

The Ibrox gaffer revealed he has been closely studying the way his team greet the goalscorer every time the back of the net is found – and recently revealed his findings to his players.

Speaking this morning to RangersTV at the Rangers Training Centre, Caixinha explained: “We started having a look at it in pre-season. We analysed, not only the moments of the game, but the way we were celebrating the goals, so it is very important for us to celebrate together.

“I told them that situation after I had seen them celebrate a couple of goals, so it really means and shows our team spirit as in that moment, everyone is enthusiastic, happy and involved in it, and I really believe when teams celebrate together and celebrate enthusiastically, there is a strong spirit among the group.”

The victory over Neil McCann’s side pleased Caixinha overall, but that isn’t to say there weren’t some areas he is looking for improvement from.

“The boys played a good game, and the positives were much more than the points we didn’t like,” he continued. “Winning, and winning by four goals is something which is very, very good.

“The boys who needed to score goals, scored goals to keep that level of confidence, so overall we need to be pleased.

“The quality of the play was very good. We maybe had opportunities to score a few more goals, but the quality we arrived in the last third in was okay, though some things regarding to the starting and ending attacking positions, we need to improve.


“The way we conceded the goal too, I didn’t like it, and the way we began the second half, I didn’t like. Those points can make the difference – so we need to keep looking at them.

“Of course – it’s another game without a clean sheet, and I think clean sheets are very important as well.

“I need to be upset and show it when things happen in a way you don’t want them to happen.

“It’s the type of mentality I like, it’s the type of mentality I need to create and it’s the type of mentality where I need to show if I don’t like when things are happening – definitely.”

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