GRAEME MURTY believes the Rangers players’ target of finishing second and reaching the Cup Final is still a ‘realistic’ aim for this season.

The caretaker boss was quizzed at yesterday’s press conference after Aberdeen opened up a nine point gap on the Light Blues at the weekend, and while conceding there is work to do, he insisted their targets are still a possibility.

He explained ahead of tomorrow’s game with St Johnstone: “The players have given themselves a target – finishing second and the Cup Final. I think those targets are realistic, specific to the players and I think they can go and attain them. It’s going to take hard work, but I still think those things are there to be chased.

“The players need to prepare though and go and win a football match. I think if we consider the things in the long term, then we will forget to focus on the things we need to get right on Wednesday.

“All they can do is concentrate on winning and getting three points. If the three points add up at the end of the season to where we need to be, then great, but if we consider things in the long term, then we will forget to focus on the things we need to make sure we get right on Wednesday night.”

Murty was also asked about the help he has been receiving from outside the club, although he refused to reveal the identities of those assisting him.

He continued: “I wasn’t being disingenuous – there isn’t some mysterious character in the background. There are a group of people who have been made accessible to me by the board for advice and for mentorship, and they will remain private as it’s not down to me to reveal their names as I don’t feel comfortable doing that and it’s not right for me to do so.

“At any stage if I want to pick the phone up, then that has been made available to me. It’s for me to make sure I am being taken care of so I can do the job to the best of my ability and not worry about anything extraneous to the job, which as a conscientious person, you look at all angles, and there can be a time when you look at it too much and you have to strip it back to what you can affect and what the players need. So that has been really beneficial to me.

“Again though, I reiterate, it’s not about me. It’s making sure that when I step onto the football pitch, I give the players what they need.”

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