DAVE KING insists Rangers can become self-sufficient – but only with regular participation in European competition.

The Ibrox Chairman was quizzed following today’s AGM on a variety of issues, and reckons it will take time for Gers to not require further outside funding.

He said: “I think it will still be a couple of years, and I say that as the only way we can be self-reliant is to have continued success in Europe. It’s not enough to qualify for Europe and be knocked-out at the early stages.

“The only way that we feel that we are sufficiently resourced is to be reasonably sure that we get into the Europa League, get to the knockout stages and occasionally the Champions League.

“At that level, we will be self-sufficient. So, if you were to ask me, I think we are probably still two to three years away from that.”

King also spoke about his desire to have more investors from outside the current pool, saying: “Yes there is. If you look at the number of shareholders, and if you take my previous comment, I still think we have a couple of years to go.

“It would be unwise of us only to have a narrow pool of investors, but certainly, one of the things I’m looking at just now is to try and spread not only the number of investors, but to find other ways to bring finance into the club.”

And, on Club1872, he said: “Club1872 has been very, very important, I think as you know previously, I have supported it and it is good.

“I have been around the club long enough to know how difficult it is when you have a number of disparate shareholder groups who have different agendas, all putting pressure on the board. It makes our life a lot easier, and I think it is a lot easier for the supporters to get their voice across when you have fewer, more concentrated vehicles.

“So we have that in Club1872 both in terms of supporter representation, but also in terms of the substantial shareholding, which gives them an additional level of support as they are now a very significant shareholder we have to speak to, not only because they are customers or supporters.”

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