THERE is little doubt the actions of Rangers supporters over the last few years have steered the club through some of the choppiest waters in its history.

Now, a number of the club’s supporters’ groups have come together under one single umbrella – Club 1872.

It’s a concept that has been welcomed by Rangers’ Managing Director Stewart Robertson, and he is urging all of the club’s supporters to get behind the group.

He explained: “Club 1872 is a fantastic initiative, and the whole board is delighted that all of these fans’ groups have got together.

“They are showing a united front. It starts with 10,000 members, and it will promote fan ownership, and that was one of the new board’s key ‘manifesto’ promises.

“Club 1872 is going to be a fantastic addition to the Rangers family. The board should be elected around September time, but they are going to be there to buy shares and to assist with capital projects as well.

“They will also be there to give a voice for the fans, and I think that has been something that has been sadly lacking over the last few years.

“I would urge all fans to look at joining up, and the more members we get in there, the stronger they will be and the more united we can be as a football club.”

The various supporters’ groups which previously existed were often criticised for not all pulling in the one direction, but Robertson is thrilled to now see them all working towards a common goal.

He added: “I am absolutely delighted to see them come together. Having a unified front and all being as one is massive.

“We are delighted as a board that it is happening, and while it is early days they will evolve going forward.

“They are independent of the club – something which is absolutely vital – and that means they can hold the board accountable, which is a key thing given what has happened.

“We will work  closely with them and it is really important we have a strong relationship with the guys there.

“I am really looking forward to working with them going forward.”

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