RANGERS and the club’s board have a clear plan for the future according to Managing Director Stewart Robertson.

In the wake of Mark Warburton departing his managerial post last week, there had been questions raised as to the future direction of the club, but Robertson was keen to allay any fears and insisted the foundations are in place to ensure the club returns to its former glories.

Speaking exclusively to RangersTV.tv, he said: “It’s very simple. This board has a very, very clear plan about where this club is going.

“The last two years has been all about laying the foundations. We came in to a situation where the club was broken effectively.

“There has been a hell of a lot of work down in laying those foundations, and there are resources in place to take the club forward as quickly as we can.

“Contrary to what fans may have heard or read recently, there is a very clear plan which we are following, and a very clear end goal which is ultimately to add to the trophies we have and getting Rangers right back to the top.”

At first-team level, both Robertson and the board have been keen to stress the recent philosophy of attacking, pleasing on the eye football will continue.

On that he explained: “There is no doubt that people want to watch good football. In football you are in the entertainment business and people are paying a lot of money to come and watch Rangers.

“Absolutely, we want to see the club winning, but if we can win with a bit of flair as well, then that’s really what we’d like to do.

“We also want someone who is going to allow us to take on the good work that’s been done in the Academy.

“Craig Mulholland and his team have made great strides there over the last two years and that’s a key part of the clubs plan going forward, you’ll see some of the young players getting their opportunity in the first team.

“Ideally we want a manager who is going to give some of the younger players a chance in the first team.

“They have to be good enough, but there’s no doubt that we have a good crop coming through and at under 16/17. There is a desire to bring someone in who will work closely with the Academy and to bring these lads through.”

A major part of the club going forward will be the Academy, with Robertson heaping praise on the work Craig Mulholland and the Academy staff have done over the last year or two.

He continued: “The Academy is fundamental to what we do as a football club. We invest a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of resource into the Academy.

“You can see that from the representation that we now have within the international squads at 15, 16 and 17 year olds. Also from the game programme we are aiming to implement, best versus best you can see that the boys are growing from that.

“It’s a key part of the plan to get the club back to the top is that we are growing our own. I think the fans love it when they see young players coming through, I know that I do.

“When you see a young player coming through the Academy and is then pulling on the first team jersey is a great thing to see and you hope that they go on to do well.”

Rangers, of course, has had a history of so few managers despite being around for 145 years. Robertson sees no reason why managers can’t stay around for a longer period going forward, but fully accepted that football has changed so much in recent times from the days when Rangers had managerial dynasties.

He added: “I think it depends on the individual and you just need to get that right fit. There is no doubt that the world has changed from the way that it was thirty or forty years ago when people tended to stay with one club for longer.

“You see it with players as well as managers, but I think that if we can get the right guy and give him the right working conditions and back him with the resources, which will be there.

“There will be resources there to back the manager coming in in terms of strengthening the squad. Hopefully next year there will be European football and we will need to strengthen the squad for that.

“Hopefully we will have someone who is here for a few years, that would be the preference, but you never know what is round the corner in life as we’ve seen recently.”

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