THE RANGERS Academy have recorded their best ever exam results across the board. 

The results reflect the commitment and dedication the players have to their studies as well as their football.

Many of those, who were still part-time until this summer, were still training three nights a week, participating in a Thursday day release programme and also had their game at the weekend.

Some of them were at Performance schools a good distance away from their homes, so they had extremely long days.

Some were also part of the homework group run at the training centre every season since 2012, where the players have approximately an hour to do any homework they had before training started.

Last season’s full-time players received tutor support two to three nights per week after training to supplement the hours they missed in school.

Rangers Manager Mark Warburton commented: “I am delighted with the exceptional results the youth players achieved in their National 5 and Higher exams.

“These results are the best the club has ever recorded and they reflect the commitment and dedication the players have to their studies as well as their football.  It also demonstrates that both sporting and academic success can be achieved when the right level of commitment is applied.

“The players should be commended for all their hard work over the last 12 months.”

Jack Thomson – Highers

PE – B

“I didn’t know what to expect, I worked hard for it but I was quite surprised when I got the results in.

“It’s tough to juggle football with your schoolwork, sometimes you want to go home and just chill but you need to see your tutors and do your work. It was hard but worth it.

“I went to school on Wednesday and on a Friday morning but sometimes because the schedule with football is so unpredictable you would just go whenever you could.

“You don’t get much time off because Wednesdays are your day off from football and you’d be at school and then Friday morning was the time when all the other boys were at home just having a lie in.

“I club have really made education important, Katie especially is very big on education and the club really want you to do well and push for it, they were pushing for me to take more subjects and get good marks.

“There are so many boys in the academy and we are not all going to become professionals so you do need to look elsewhere.”

Lewis Mayo – National 5s

PE – A

“I wasn’t sure how I would do, I was quite confident I would do well but I was delighted when the A’s came through.

“My school was quite far away from where I live so to try and juggle school and football was really tough, I didn’t get any time off really.

“I was up at half six to get to school, go to school and do my schoolwork, train in school and then leave to come to training at Rangers, leave the training ground and then go home and straight to bed – I don’t think people really understand the task we have to take on.

“Most boys would love to make it as a footballer but you do need to have that Plan B in case it doesn’t work out.

“The club have been very supportive, a lot of the boys here have tutors and they do encourage you to do as much school work as you can.

“They make time during the day for me to do my homework and do extra studying, sometimes if you need the day off to do a wee bit extra before exams they will do that as well.

“I’m starting my highers now but I’ve gone full-time so I will spend less time at school and less days but it means I get evenings off and that will be when I can study.

“I think it will be tricky but with some hard work I can hopefully do well in my highers too.”

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