RANGERS’ Sporting Director says he doesn’t anticipate Rangers to be that active in the upcoming January transfer window.

Ross Wilson believes Steven Gerrard is happy enough with the talent in his current playing squad that the Gers will not need to recruit in the New Year but he wouldn’t rule out a new arrival, if the right player comes along.

But while additions aren’t necessary the Light Blues will be looking to offload some of the current squad to trim an overflowing roster – according to Wilson.

He told RangersTV: “We have a January transfer window that is imminent from a squad management point of view.

“I think Steven has already gone on record to say that the squad is probably bigger than we want it to be, so in the short term we probably want to reduce the size of that squad.

“Steven has been quite clear with regard to what his views are on the squad. He is really happy with the squad that he has got.

“However, we’re Rangers, and if there’s an opportunity that we see out there that Steven thinks can enhance the quality of what we have to work with, then we’ll look at that as well.

“Obviously, we are going in a really strong direction just now on the pitch but we have too many players just now in the group, so we want to reduce the size of the squad slightly.

“We will always be looking at where we can enhance the squad, but that is not a priority for us but if there is an opportunity that can make us better in the short term, then we will look at it.”

Wilson also gave a timeline on how he will organise the planning of Rangers’ upcoming recruitment – explains he likes his scouting departments to work well ahead of time to secure the best talent available.

He continued:

“From a scouting and recruitment point of view, it’s got to tie in to how we manage the squad, how we manage our contracts and we always try to look between two and four windows ahead.

“That is theoretically of course, because in practise things can be different in different moments but we are always trying to be that far ahead.

“We need to build those strong relationships inside the club, to really understand the inner workings of the club.

“We need to have some really solid plans in place for how we are going to develop the club going forward – in all of the different areas that I’ve mentioned going forward in the next twelve months.”

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