PEDRO CAIXINHA is confident he has added the right blend of skills to his coaching staff with the appointment of Jonatan Johansson this week.

The Portuguese boss settled on the Finnish assistant coach for his mix of local knowledge, coaching attributes and ability to work with his existing staff.

Caixinha was impressed by the strength of the candidates he met before choosing the former Motherwell youth coach to join his team.

He told RangersTV: “We had a fantastic list of candidates and it really was really a pleasure. I didn’t like to call it an interview, but we had discussions where we shared our views on football.

“All of them had different experiences, different knowledge and legends from the club. We tried to fill three major points and it wasn’t an easy decision.

“First of all, we wanted someone with a Rangers past. The second point was of course to know the Scottish reality of football and the third, which was also important and which makes all the difference, is to align with our dynamic, our processes and our methodologies.

“Jonatan was selected, with no disregard to the others, because it was a very tough decision for me. I really appreciate all of the time and the contact that I had with all of the other guys.

“We chose Jonatan and we believe in him. He will be a good assistant to add to our team because his a quality guy, he is a hard worker and he is clever.

“It’s important to have to types of blood to find the balance within one technical staff, it’s very important.

“We have the Latin guys who are have strong blood and are passionate, maybe we just needed to add someone from further north who can add a little bit of ice to calm down things from time to time.

“I think it is going to be a very interesting mixture within our technical staff.”


Johansson brings a wealth of experience as a player and coach and Caixinha is happy that he will add to the group who shares his responsibility for leading the club to further success.

He added: “I think it is going to be interesting to work with him and I’ve given him a lot of tasks. I want all of the assistants to share with me the responsibility of what it means to be managing this club.

“I want them to have that feeling and Jonathan is going to be a hard worker like all of the others. They all want to help the players because they are the main actors.

“We work for the club, but we work especially for making our players and our team being better game by game. That’s what really matters and Jonatan is going to help us with that for sure.”

Johansson has been a regular viewer of Rangers and of other teams around Scotland and that local knowledge will feed in to the management team’s analysis of opponents.

Caixinha said: “Game by game, we are analysing the opponents. Naturally, there are opponents that we know better than others which are quite normal. We analyse it as a whole and all of the different moments within the game.

“When we are analysing the games, we look at their last five games, or at games that we have played them from the season.

“Jonatan knows the players and can bring another type of analysis. Not only on individual players, but also their relations and associations and even their past.

“That’s one of the tasks that he will have, to work with Pedro Malta as he is the one who analyses the opponents and presents it to us and to the players.

“He will help with this kind of assessment because his knowledge will be slightly different to ours.”


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