PEDRO CAIXINHA says he was ashamed to show his face after Sunday’s semi-final defeat to Celtic.

The Rangers boss admits he let down the Light Blues fans with a performance lacking passion at Hampden and has vowed to turn that around for Saturday’s rematch at Ibrox.

Caixinha has called on his players to show more aggression and commitment to the cause when they run out this weekend.

Speaking to RangersTV the manager said:

“It does worry me a little that the aggression was missing on Sunday; I wanted it from the very beginning.

“We have a principle and this week I am going to work on it a lot – we call it the 10 second principle.

“If you start with the ball or your opponents start with it then you need to create some sort of danger within the 10 seconds.

“The ball must be closer to the opponent’s goal or if the ball starts with the opponent then you must recover the ball within the 10 seconds. Did you see that in the last match? I don’t think so.

“We need to be angry about that and because it is an Old Firm game we need to feel shame about it because we didn’t perform.

“We didn’t have the passion that this club is giving to us. After the match we went to the Player of the Year dinner and I was feeling ashamed because I couldn’t give the fans the same passion as I was receiving there.

“I want my team to have a different sort of commitment, to have a different level of concentration and a different competitive attitude.

“We prepare the team to be aggressive and we want the team to be aggressive in a good way for the whole game, you can’t even have 45 seconds where you are not focussed.

“You have small throw in that maybe means nothing but for you to get the momentum in the game you can’t allow the other team into the game. Maybe the doubts are coming in moments like that and that is definitely what I don’t want.”


Caixinha doesn’t think it was his plan going into the 2-0 Scottish Cup defeat that was wrong but the way it was executed.

Now the Portuguese wants to focus on getting all his players to sing from the same hymn sheet – something he doesn’t think happened on Sunday.

He continued: “I used the day off on Monday to look at the game and we analysed the game on Tuesday with the players. We came to the conclusion that normally we have two ways of seeing one plan.

“If it is a bad plan and everybody believes in it and tries to execute it then maybe it can become a good plan. When it is a brilliant plan but you don’t execute it then you will never know it so what we expect now is to have a good plan with good execution.

“When we analysed the game in some moments of the game some players were acting in one direction, which was the right direction and other players were not doing the same thing at the same time.

“We have to have coordination about the ideas so everybody acts at the same time in the same direction.”

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