GRAEME Murty will aim to produce players who don’t flinch when they walk out for an Old Firm in his new role as Head Development Squad Coach.

The latest addition to the Gers Academy is taking on board Mark Warburton’s philosophy for the club from top to bottom so progression up to the first-team is smooth.

While much has been made of Warburton’s use of a 4-3-3 formation Murty believes the manager’s thinking lies more in how Rangers play football at all levels.

He said:

“When I came for my interview I spoke to the manager about his philosophy, he said it was about ball domination, it’s about us being on the ball and making sure we get our best players on the ball.

“I’m not sure if it is formation based, they are a tool to get people into position to utilise the ball but listening to the manager’s philosophy it is about making sure we have the ball more than the opponents.

“That will be the same all the way through the academy so putting them in the same formation and making sure that whether they are number seven in your under 13 or under 17 team does exactly the same thing.

“It is about making sure they are comfortable in that transitional period so that when they go from under 20s, hopefully, into the first-team, the demands are the same tactically.

“The physical and mental element will obviously be a lot different but they will be able to handle it and get ready for the high demands of the men’s game.

“It is about getting players ready to reach their maximum potential, not giving them answers, not telling them what to do and when to do it but informing them in their daily habits so that they can be the decision makers.

“It’s about making sure they can cope with walking out in front of 50,000 in an Old Firm game, that is what we have to try and prepare them for and if we do that from day one then that is the end goal.

“They have to be ready for that and it is part of our job to make sure that when they go into the first team arena then the manager is more than ready to put them in.”

Murty arrives from Norwich City where he has been Under 18 coach following a playing career with Reading and Southampton.

He continued:

“The sky is the limit here. Talking to Davie Weir he wants to put this club back at the pinnacle of Scottish Football and talking to Craig Mulholland he wants to create a top 15 worldwide academy.

“When you talk to people of that stature with that vision then you can’t help want to be part of it, you look at it and think is it possible? Yes, so what is my part in it and how can I help? That is why I’m here.

“This is a massive club, because of the history of the club and I was really sold by talking to Mark Warburton, Davie Weir and Craig Mulholland about what they want to achieve and where they want to push the academy to.

“I was really energised by them but also looking back on what this club has achieved and where it wants to get into in the future I couldn’t be more energised to be in the room with people like that and I just felt I wanted to be part of it.

“I got the impression there was big plans and the future was nothing but gold so I wanted to get on board as soon as I possibly could.”

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