GRAEME MURTY has called on the Rangers players to relish and enjoy tomorrow’s Old Firm clash at Celtic Park.

The caretaker Gers boss has thoroughly enjoyed his own time in charge of first-team affairs, and he believes if the players show the same attitude at Parkhead as they have done in training this week, they have the chance to pull off a result.

Speaking at yesterday’s press conference, he said: “I know about the history of the fixture, I know about the game and I know about the emotion behind it. It’s the experience of it I am looking forward to and the growth that we can get as a team and as a football club, and what personally we can take from it.

“I think if we can approach it as bravely as we have done in this week’s work, then I think it is there to be relished and enjoyed. As much as I won’t enjoy it on the sideline as I’m not of that mindset, I think looking back on it after the event, I will look back on it being a watershed moment in my career in terms of my development and where I want to go.

“I’ve enjoyed it though. I’ve enjoyed the players, working with the players and working towards a specific winning outcome every week, rather than being developing and looking at other longer-term issues.

“I’ve enjoyed the real focus we have had to have with so many games so close to one another. As I’ve said before though, my true learning will come when I have the chance to reflect, and talk this over with other people and get the real basis for learning in my head for what I do next.

“I’m not looking at anything for myself. I am looking at a group of players doing themselves justice and making sure they turn up on Sunday fully prepped and ready to go, and actually relishing the atmosphere and relishing the challenge.

“The result, if we get those parts right, will hopefully take care of itself. I think For me, I think I am a bit more confident in dealing with mature athletes, and am more confident that they want to listen and they want to learn. I was always daunted by the fact they are established in their role – and would they listen and think I could add value.

“I am more confident in the fact I can now impact first-team players.”

Murty was also asked if the players have developed and improved since he took over, to which he replied: “I’ve just sat up I a debrief with them and asked them. They think they have changed in many different ways, and their intensity and their work this week has been at the best level I have seen since I have been in the job, and I commend them for that.

“But, I did say the other day, it counts for nothing if we can’t translate that into performance on Sunday, and that is their challenge. Their challenge is to take all the good work they have done, and all the good work they have done previously, and make sure we go and put that into effect.”

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