JAMIE MURPHY says that he is progressing well in his recovery from the injury he sustained at Rugby Park in August.

The winger was a special co-commentator for RangersTV at yesterday’s match against St Johnstone and he said during the broadcast that his recovery is continuing to plan.

He explained: “In my head, I’m almost there because I six to eight weeks away from training. I’m doing a lot more running and twisting and turning and a touch of the ball every now and then is good.

”My teammates at the moment are the physios and we have a good laugh with them every day and we all try to keep the spirits high and keep ourselves going.

“The best thing that the surgeon said to me was that your knee is going to be 99%, it’s up to you to make sure that the rest of your body is 100% before you go back playing.

“That’s what we’re working towards and it’s going well so far.”

It’s been a long process of recovery for the former Brighton and Hove Albion man and he paid tribute to the medical staff at the club for their hard work and diligence over the course of the season.

He continued: “All of the physios have been excellent, everyone in the medical department has really helped me along.

“Sometimes you have little dark days and dark moments, but they are there to help keep you going and to push you as far as you can go.”

Murphy was injured whilst playing on the artificial surface at Kilmarnock and there has been much discussion about their use this week after the PFA made an unanimous call for the eradication of the surfaces in top flight football in the country on behalf of the players.

It’s a position that manager Steven Gerrard agreed with at his press conference last week, saying: “I agree with the players, or the majority of the players in terms of trying to get them out of the game at elite level.

“I’ve gave my opinion on this before, I don’t like plastic pitches and I didn’t like playing on them. I think they are dangerous.

“I respect the teams that decide to put them in place for financial reasons but for me, having been a player and now obviously coaching players, I believe the game would be in a better place if there were no plastic pitches.

“I just think the people that won’t agree to taking them out of the game, they need to think about the players’ health and their safety. For me, my opinion is players are a lot safer on grass.“

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