AMY Muir described being the first Women’s Player of the Year at the club’s prestigious Player of the Year Awards as a “massive moment”.

The 19-year-old picked up her honour in front of the crowds, alongside the club’s male players, on a ground-breaking evening for the women’s game at the club.

The Scotland Under 19 shone for Amy McDonald’s team during the 2018 season and has continued her form into 2019, including sparkling displays for her country – in fact she rushed from playing England to collect her award.

Speaking to RangersTV she smiled:

“It means so much, being along tonight to pick it up is huge for the women’s game and for the women’s side of the club to be along tonight is massive.

“It is great to represent the women’s team here and it was a big moment for me. I have supported the club and been a part of the club for so long so this was enjoyable.

“I do think this is beginning of new things for my Rangers career and the club. You see a lot going on behind the scenes and there is a new atmosphere about the women’s side – there is a lot more to come.

“I think this is a big moment for women’s football with the Scottish women’s team qualifying for the World Cup this summer.

“I played England today with Scotland and then rushed here, we had a really good game and drew 1-1.

“My Scotland career is massive to me too and it’s a huge honour representing the national team.

“I have played for Scotland all through the age groups and this will be my final year up to the summer with the Under 19s.”

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