DAVE KING admits Rangers’ managerial search has taken longer than expected because their candidates are under contract elsewhere.

The Gers Chairman explained the board had initially wanted to employ an out of contract boss but with a slim list to choose from they had to set their sights elsewhere.

King insists Ibrox chiefs won’t rush to appoint their new man, who he says will be given a three year contract with the club.

Speaking to RangersTV King said: “The timescale in mind when he departed was to do it as soon as possible but being thorough.

“What that means, in terms of our investigations and evaluations, if a manager popped-up quite quickly that we felt was absolutely the right person then we would have sealed it as soon as possible.

“But, it wasn’t going to be an appointment we were making just for the sake of being speed.

“In this specific circumstance, if we look to what was available at this point in the season, even after our evaluations, we just didn’t feel there was an outstanding candidate we were willing to invest three years into, as it is a position we are looking to fill for three years.

“So we were forced to look outside of those who were out of contract, and as soon as you move into that area, it’s a different type of negotiation.

“You’ve got to talk to clubs and talk about compensation. It has taken longer than we would have maybe liked, but not longer than is necessary.

“It’s just such a key appointment, and whether we take another week or so should not be a factor in deciding on an appointment we are going to make for over three years.”

“It has taken longer than expected in the sense that, certainly in my perspective, I really thought the pool of available candidates would have been a lot stronger.

“A lot of that, I guess, was to do with names. I had some name recognition of some of the individuals.

“Mark [Allen] very thoroughly went through their backgrounds and track records and not whether they were right or wrong, just whatever is a fit for Rangers at this point in time.

“We marked that as what we feel is important for a manager for Rangers at this point in time. There was criteria we set – such as knowledge of British football.

“What we didn’t want to do was go for a foreigner who had no experience of British or Scottish football.

“Some of the criteria we set down were quite difficult for some of these managers to stand up against, and we ended up then, I repeat, looking at people who were in contract and being proactive in terms of looking for targets as opposed to just those who had applied for the position.”

Director of Football Mark Allen will play a key role in the selection of Rangers’ new manager and King has been impressed by the leadership shown since the former Manchester City Head of Academy joined in the summer.

He continued: “Mark has been fantastic and very refreshing. I have been around the club for about 20 years and the level of professionalism and thoroughness where he is going to on mapping not only the football qualities that we expect in players and management but also the personal characteristics we think are important they have to succeed at a club like Rangers and an environment like Glasgow.

 “No I don’t think it was a mistake waiting until after we had a manager to appoint Mark; we needed a “manager at that point in time (March).

“For the Director of Football to come in it wasn’t just a question of filling the position the first thing they had to do was come and do the analysis and prepare structures.”

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