CHAIRMAN Dave King was delighted with how this morning’s Rangers AGM went.

A packed Clyde Auditorium quizzed the Board on a range of issues, and King was pleased to see the focus falling mainly on shareholder issues.

In an exclusive interview, he explained: “I thought it went very well and I thought it was similar to last year in some ways as some of the issues are the same as last year – funding and what’s happening with the players etc.

“I really felt it was more of a shareholders meeting where sometimes it can become more of a supporters’ rally and you end up not really talking about shareholder issues.

“So I thought today it went quite well in that regard and certainly throughout the room and talking to shareholders there is a genuine recognition that even though we are supporters and we are making decisions, there are shareholders who are not all supporters and we are a board who are representing all interests. It’s not just as simple for us to turn the financial clock on and off – we need to do the right thing for the club and be very conscious there are a number of different shareholders in the club – many of whom don’t support us – and we have seen again how difficult it is to get some of the resolutions through.”

King reflected on the last year at the club, and he insisted almost everything is as he would have expected it to be at this stage.

He continued: “I think if you look where we are in terms of where we were suggesting last year we should be at this point in time, I think we are kind-of about there.

“We have the funding in place that we hoped to have in place over the last year. The team, despite some of the disappointments there have been on the pitch over the last year, are still well-positioned to come second which was the realistic target.

“So we are definitely on-track. The only area where I would say we are definitely behind is, if you had asked me last year if we would still be embroiled in the level of litigation we have with Sports Direct, I thought we would have had it done within the last year, so I am quite disappointed that we are not able to put that behind us yet.”

And, looking ahead to the next year until the next AGM, King highlighted what he would like to see the club achieve.

He added: “This time next year, I would like us to be in Europe. It is important that we finish the league strongly, and I think we can do. If you look at the level of resources that are available to the manager, a lot of the money he’s invested into the playing squad hasn’t been playing for him because of injury and various other reasons.

“Yet, the team has done quite well. I’m optimistic on the football side we will finish the season strongly and get into Europe. That then allows us to invest again in the club to compete in Europe. Hopefully, if we look a year down the road and I keep on using the term a ‘recognisable Rangers,’ – it will only be truly recognisable once we are back in Europe.”

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