PEDRO CAIXINHA insists he is the man to blame for today’s 5-1 league defeat to Celtic at Ibrox Stadium.

From the referee’s first whistle to his last the Light Blues struggled to contain their Glasgow rivals who ran out comfortable winners in the final derby clash of the 2016/17 season.

The manager spoke to RangersTV after the final whistle, saying: “The only thing that I can tell you is that I’m the man responsible for this defeat today.

“I think all the players tried to do their best, I mean starting the game on five minutes with the penalty and losing it changed a lot of things we worked for.

“The second goal also was too early on the match, but anyway I’m the man responsible because the players tried to give their very best and we couldn’t do it.

I believe the Rangers side needs a lot of work and a lot of changes in order to balance the power between the two teams that were facing here today and that’s what we are assessing.

“But we need to take decisions as soon as possible to keep the distance not far away that it is now, but getting closer.

“I have a message for the fans that they need to be proud about this club. It’s the most successful club in the world first of all.

“It’s the only club in the history of football that five years ago it is in the Third Division and now it is fighting for the top positions in the league, and they can trust that this club is going to be big again.

“We need them all the time.”

When asked if his team are lacking confidence after losing two Old Firm games in the space of six days, Caixinha added: “No, it’s not a question of that.

I assume all the responsibility and maybe in sort of moments I’m also responsible for that because I’m a very demanding guy, I’m a very positive guy and sometimes they can cope with that, or not.

“Let’s give them time to calm down now and we have those last four games.”

The manager admitted there was a lot of anger and strong words said in the dressing room after the game.

He said: “Of course. They were heated on Sunday, now the Saturday after that they are heated again, of course they are.

“But football is made of this. Sometimes you have to understand that these things may happen and you need to be ready and prepared to keep going and to keep thinking positive regarding to the future.”

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