ROSS Wilson says he has come to Glasgow to build an “excellent Rangers” after becoming the club’s new Sporting Director.

The 36-year-old will oversee all aspects and areas of the Gers football department and he was at pains to stress that goes way beyond controlling player ins and outs.

Wilson echoed Steven Gerrard’s want to be relentless on the pitch, in his attitude to off field operations, as he discussed his role for the first time.

Speaking to RangersTV he said: “I think it is pertinent that everyone understands what the role looks like.

“The key thing to say is that it is not just a scouting role; we have a strong scouting department already.

“So I am not the chief scout, I am not the Head of Recruitment – in Andy Scoulding we have a strong Head of Scouting.

“So my role is to oversee the development, evolution and day to day working of the football department and everything that encompasses.

“Scouting is a big part of that and just generally how we run the football operation, our medical, our sports science, our Academy, working with Steven (Gerrard) every day.

“Making sure that basically we can build an absolutely excellent Rangers in every form that we can.

“There has been a lot of good work done already thanks to Mark Allen and the work that he did in his time here to set some strong foundations.

“We have got a lot of work to do going forward and I hope that when I do this interview again in a couple of years then I hope I am still saying the same.

“I think in a club of this size then we have to be absolutely relentless in our pursuit of high standards and excellence, as much as we can.

“It is going to be important that on an ongoing basis we are always looking at what is next for Rangers, in every shape and form.”

While Wilson is happy with the structure he has inherited at the Light Blues, he admits he wants to boost all departments in order to achieve his aims.

Both the Hummel Training Centre and Ibrox have seen extensive changes since the arrival of Steven Gerrard last summer and the Gers Sporting Director says that growth won’t stop under his charge.

He continued: “There is a strong structure, the foundations are strong but we have a long way to go in terms of how we continue to develop.

“Craig Mulholland and I have been having conversations about how we continue to develop the academy, which is already going in a strong direction.

“We have a lot of work to do within the scouting and recruitment team, to continue to build that up but we have good people in there already.

“We have people in there who are hungry already, who have a desire to make that department excellent.

“And we have already identified a couple of areas within medical and sports science that we want to up our levels in.

“We want to build on the existing people we have got, who are strong and make the provision as strong as we possibly can.

“I think physically within the building there has been a lot of work, there has been a lot of upgrades to the training centre already.

“We have already earmarked where we continued to improve that, there are some small things happening this week internally to make the environment better and then some bigger things will be happening over the coming months.

“It is certainly my ethos that I need to be relentless here to make sure we achieve everything we want to achieve.

“Steven and I are absolutely on the same page in that respect, as are Craig and I in the Academy and as are the board and I, in terms of the general direction going forward.

“That is important to me that everybody is connected and everybody wants the same thing here.”

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