THREE days into working with his Rangers squad, new manager Pedro Caixinha is very pleased with the way things have been progressing so far.

Having met with the playing squad on Tuesday for the first time, Caixinha has been delighted with the way the team have responded to him as he attempts to get his ideas across.

He also discussed what he expects from his side in this Saturday’s game with Hamilton at Ibrox.

Speaking at this afternoon’s media conference, he explained: “It’s been fantastic and it’s what I love to do. I love being on the park and planning the training sessions and having that interaction with the players.

“I am very, very happy and very enthusiastic. I believe we are receiving the same back from the players, so it’s so far, so good.

“Now, the way we see the game and with regards to behaviours, we are just trying to pass the biggest principles which are the main behaviours in each of the moments of the game. It would not be a clever step from me to change everything when we have such a short time. But, we are going step by step and we talk about being offensive in two moments, and being aggressive in those two moments.

“I am talking about the offensive organisation, so I want a team that needs to be more dynamic. I want to have the ball and, of course, to attack you need to have the ball. I need to have a team that builds up and attacks the spaces more rather than just touch the ball.

“I also want a team that is much more aggressive arriving at the finishing position. After that, I want a team that is always attacking, so when we have the ball, we attack the opponents’ goal. When we don’t have the ball, we attack the ball again, so that’s the relationship between those two moments that I want, and I want the team to become aggressive.

“Of course, we also talk about the defensive organisation, but that has been the main content of these four days because of what we have analysed on our next opponent. This is going to be the majority of the game, so we need to be prepared for this.”

Caixinha was also asked about changes he will make at the Rangers Training Centre, but he insisted he will wait until he has seen exactly how things work behind the scenes at the club before making any alterations.

He added: “You need to assess everything. I have my ideas, but I don’t need to remind you that we are in a big club, and in a big club, the good habits are always present. If things are going in the right direction, why change just for the sake of change?

“Of course, I try to implement some things and we try to get along with all of the departments in order first to receive what they are doing, and after, we try to match with what we want to change.

“We need to establish priorities. Priorities now are preparing this match – maybe next week we have more time to prepare the team as it is a break, and we are going to have a longer week which is going to be our first time to work on our weekly pattern, and I do believe the things will come and the behaviours will come. I am really happy about the players and the way they are receiving this change in mentality.

“Normally when something happens at the change of a coach, we used to say in Portugal it is something psychological. I tend to think it is a change of methods that we are doing here. That change is going to take time, but the changes we are doing now are about attitudes.

“I believe the British players have a brave attitude, but I want them to have that attitude and at the same time, having higher decisions with all that praise, all that rhythm and all that anger to do these things.”

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