MARK WARBURTON wants his players to be more clinical in the final third after dropping two points at home last weekend.

The Light Blues boss has called on his players to get their rewards when Morton visit Ibrox this weekend after scoring just once despite putting the Staggies goal under siege in the second-half.

Now Warburton wants his players to find a way to convert their long list of chances after admitting their weekend result wasn’t good enough.

Speaking to RangersTV he said: “We have dropped two points at home, that is the key point and the fans are concerned quite rightly because we have dropped two points to Ross County.

“But I quote stats and as always you get misquoted, but the fact is we had 15 corners, 26 shots in the end and 18 on target and nine times out of ten we win that game of football.

“The fact is we have to be more clinical in the final third, trust our technique and take the chances so there are lots of good things but there is no denying that we dropped two points at home.

“It is not why you can’t be clinical, last year we were scoring goals for fun and it is the nature of the game, the fact of the matter is we are getting in good areas and we need to take our rewards.

“We can’t talk about lots of dominance of possession and creating chances without taking your rewards.

“The fans at the end of the day come to see goals, goals change games and there is no denying the fact that despite much dominance of the game we didn’t get our just rewards, so to speak.”


Warburton says he can’t put his finger on whether it is luck or confidence which is affecting his side in front of goal.

But he pointed to research that Matthew Benham the owner of Brentford did while he and Davie Weir were in charge at the West London club.

Warburton explained: “I think randomness is a big part of it, we learnt a lot from our previous owner at Brentford who was a mathematician and we learnt a lot from him in terms of how we look at games.

“But the randomness of the ball to the far post for Kenny to header and then Jon Toral to follow up, it could go in. Joe Garner’s header popped off the goalkeeper and it could go in. Garner at the far post in the first-half, he is a stud away from scoring so there are so many random natures.

“It didn’t go our way, was their goal off side? I don’t know, it was tight and we don’t want to complain now but these are the random natures that we look at and over the course of the season we hope very much they even themselves out.

“But forget everything else because at the end of the day we have dropped two points at home to Ross County.”


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