DR MARK WALLER has praised Filip Helander for his attitude to his recovery from a long-term foot injury.

Helander was injured back on December 8, and despite the prognosis being four months to recover, he was over his issue within 12 weeks – although lockdown prevented him making his return from injury last season.

The club doctor was mightily impressed with the Swedish international’s approach, outlining: “I think hard work, really – hard work on his part and hard work on the part of the physiotherapy staff.

“Whenever we are faced with difficult injuries, we always take advice from experts and the best experts we can find.

“Although we knew what was wrong with him, it was how we managed this particular situation and he was given a four-month rehab time which we felt we could do better.

“We thought three months was probably reasonable, and I think he was 85 days was he? So that’s 12 weeks and a day.

“So that’s not too bad as far as we are concerned, but he has had an extremely positive attitude, and that is so helpful to us as if you have a player that is extremely positive, then it makes our job a lot easier.

“And, somebody that does everything you ask of him, and that is exactly what Filip did – he was a model patient.”

As the Rangers squad get fully into the swing of pre-season now with contact training now permitted, Dr Waller also explained how the players have been keeping fit over the last few months.


He believes the programme assigned to them has been massively beneficial, and continued: “When we realised what was going on, the sports science people at the club and parts of the medical staff were very keen to not allow players to have protracted periods of time without activity.

“We were very aware of lots of different aspects of problems which could ensue, so we were looking at small things like, ‘what happens if they have a dental problem’ or ‘what happens with their cardiovascular fitness’ and ‘what happens with their eye-to-foot and eye-to-hand coordination?’

“If you are not kicking a football at all for three or four months, a lot of your coordination with that will go.

“So all of these are areas we were thoughtful of, rather than, and I am aware that quite a lot of clubs and a few of my friends south of the border are at clubs, where everything was running – and that is all they could do.

“A lot of these guys have fairly big gardens and have lots of gym equipment, so there is lots more that they can do, and our sports-science people have been extremely proactive in that.”


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