RANGERS has today launched a new Fans Charter which is the latest strand in our hugely successful diversity and inclusion campaign ‘Everyone Anyone’.

Rangers is proud to be a diverse football club where people from all backgrounds, cultures and communities are welcome.

Our Everyone Anyone campaign represents our core values and sends a clear message of inclusion, togetherness and zero-tolerance to all forms of discrimination – on and off the pitch.

We feel it is the responsibility of everyone associated with the club – fans, players, staff and the wider community – to help create a positive environment where our differences are celebrated, our shared bond is our love of Rangers and no one is excluded.

As part of the campaign, in collaboration with the Rangers Charity Foundation, we are introducing a new Fans Charter which Managing Director Stewart Robertson, Manager Steven Gerrard, Captain James Tavernier and Rangers fans signed today at the Hummel Training Centre.

Stewart Robertson commented: “We have demonstrated beyond any doubt that Rangers is a football club for all and the Everyone Anyone campaign has been a huge success so far.

“All Rangers fans are united by their love for the club and we will continue to champion diversity and promote tolerance, understanding and positive behaviour.

“I thank all the supporters who took part in the campaign creative last summer – the visuals produced were stunning and really highlights what a broad supporter base we have.

“It is 2020, there is no place in football or indeed society for racism, homophobia or anti-social behaviour. Ibrox is a place where we can all come together, celebrate our diversity and enjoy the football.

“I thank all supporters who have backed our campaign and taken on board the importance of Everyone Anyone’s core messages.

“We have achieved much since our launch, but we cannot become complacent and the campaign will evolve in the weeks and months ahead. The launch of the Fans Charter is the latest strand of this initiative and going forward any supporter buying a season ticket or match tickets will be expected to sign up for this new code of conduct.”

Steven Gerrard commented: “Rangers fans are extremely passionate about their club and the team always receives great backing at Ibrox and in away games.

“I thank each and every one for their support. It will never be taken for granted and we all know the importance of backing the team in the correct way.

“There is no place in football or indeed society for discrimination so I am proud to sign the new Fans Charter. Everyone Anyone is such a worthy campaign, I was delighted to help launch it last July and we can all play our part in its success in the future.”

James Tavernier commented: “It is a great honour for me to be captain of Rangers Football Club and follow in the footsteps of great players like John Greig, Richard Gough, Barry Ferguson and Terry Butcher.

“I am proud to support the Everyone Anyone campaign and I encourage all fans to do likewise. We all have a shared bond, our love for Rangers, and on behalf of all the players I would like to thank you all for your support.”

Club 1872 commented: “Club 1872 is proud to support the Everyone Anyone campaign.

“Rangers supporters are unofficial ambassadors for the club everywhere we go and it is correct that we should adhere to the standards and principles that are embodied by this campaign.

“We have the best supporters in the world and they include people of all races, sexual orientations, backgrounds and faiths.

“Rangers are once again showing that they will take substantive, pioneering action to improve diversity and inclusion in Scottish football and given recent events we hope others will follow suit.”

Connal Cochrane from the Rangers Charity Foundation added: “The Foundation is proud to be working alongside the club as part of the Everyone Anyone campaign and I hope this important pledge will encourage everyone in the Rangers Family to play their part in celebrating diversity and helping to create an environment where everyone is welcome.”

The Everyone Anyone Fans Charter

I pledge to play my part in the initiative by:

  • Acting as an ambassador for Rangers at all times by being respectful, tolerant and inclusive
  • Raising awareness of the Everyone Anyone diversity and inclusion campaign
  • Appreciating that despite our many differences, we are all united in our support for Rangers
  • Respecting supporters and groups who share contrary views and beliefs
  • Acknowledging we should all feel safe, welcome and wanted at Rangers matches
  • Recognising the barriers people may experience because of their identity
  • Standing up and being an ally for those who experience discrimination
  • Rejecting pre-conceived stereotypes about Rangers fans, players and staff and their identities
  • Assisting Rangers to showcase our varied fanbase by setting a positive example at matches
  • Accepting there is no place in society for bigotry, racism, sectarianism or homophobia
  • Reporting discriminatory language and behaviour whenever I witness or experience it
  • Being aware of how my behaviour and language might impact on others
  • Understanding there will be sanctions for discrimination and anti-social behaviour

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