DAVE King admitted to crying as Rangers defeated Celtic in the Old Firm derby to reach the Scottish Cup Final.

The Gers Chairman said every single member of the board was in tears after the Light Blues defeated their oldest rivals on penalties.

It is just over a year since the businessman led a takeover of the club and even he could never have imagined such a superb season.

In an exclusive interview King told Rangers TV: “It was absolutely astonishing. When we were up there after the final whistle and I saw grown men cry, there were tears rolling down the faces of every single board member.

“I think every single director, including me, was in tears and as we looked at each other and hugged each other everyone was crying.”

“All the people who have gone through the last year, the regime change and everything we have done, this is what it is about.

“We have been doing it for this and to see the reaction of the fans it was absolutely phenomenal for everybody.”

“The reaction of the fans just showed how happy they were and it was a really joyous occasion.”

King believes Gers victory confirms their place back in the top flight of Scottish football after a four year absence.

He thinks the level of performance that Rangers delivered proves they can challenge Celtic for the Premiership title next season.

The Chairman continued:

“I regard today as us being back and the feeling of every single board member was that we are back but we won’t relax about it.

“This is a measure for the club of how far they’ve come since last season.

“When I came into the stadium I was hoping for a good performance against Celtic but I didn’t dare to hope we would actually win the game – it was absolutely amazing.”

“The benchmark is always Celtic and not only the fact we won the game, which was on penalties, but the fact Rangers actually played better than Celtic.

“You could see on the park that Celtic were giving Rangers the level of respect and they were sitting back and sitting deep.

“So the fact we actually outplayed them as well was fantastic, given we essentially built a Championship team to win the Championship and we are going to build further on it for next season.”

“It was nice to see that this team were able to hold up against Celtic and beat them in fact.”

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