GRAEME MURTY believes that talent alone can only take you so far in football, and that it’s a player’s attitude towards hard work and their desire to learn that will ultimately determine how far they go in the game.

Rangers’ interim manager has highlighted Ross McCrorie’s recent promotion to the first team as an example of what can be achieved if a young player has the right approach to training and a constant desire to improve and take their career to the next level.

He said: “The strides Ross has made, that is possibly the most pleasing aspect for me, because we all know within the club how highly we regard him.

“It’s good for the fans to get to see that now because there are always questions about a young player when they come in, there are always questions about the programme he has gone through to get to where he is.

Ross is a mature young man, he is still developing, but he’s in a really good place at the moment and that’s credit to him and credit to the coaches that have worked with him behind the scenes.”

McCrorie has enjoyed loan spells at Ayr United and Dumbarton in previous seasons and he has played at right-back, centre midfield and at centre-half at different stages of his career.

All these experiences have helped the former Development Squad captain on his path to first-team football.

Murty, speaking to this morning, continued: “They’ve really helped him because we try to throw them into different learning environments and get them out of their comfort zone.

“We try to get them to experience lots of different roles within the Academy so that when they are called upon – and they might be called upon in the first team not in their first position – they understand the game rather than just the position so they can deploy basic standards and basic concepts really well.

“Ross is getting better at that, he is improving at that, but what Ross has got which is a really massive asset for any young athlete is a really open mindset.

“He wants to learn, he wants to come here and get better, and this is the start of a very good and hopefully long journey at this football club for him.”

Murty has now urged other talented youngsters at Rangers to follow in McCrorie’s footsteps. He said:

This generation of young footballers is the most resourced generation in the history of the world.

“They have access to everything, more than anyone has ever had. They’ve got video, they’ve got analysis techniques, they’ve got sports science that no one has ever seen.

“What they then need to do is understand that they don’t know everything. It’s very easy for the youth of today, or me, to think ‘I know what you are talking about, you don’t need to carry on’.

“Where Ross is slightly different is that Ross walks in every day thinking ‘I’m here to learn, I don’t know everything, teach me because I need to learn’.

That’s the basis of learning everything I think. The best answer to any question if you want to improve and get better is ‘I don’t know the answer, what is the answer?’

“It’s not our job to give them the answer, it’s our job to actually promote and provoke that thinking so they can go and find out that answer in a way that is meaningful for them.

“But young people have to come in with that attitude. They have to come in with that attitude of ‘I’m going to develop, I’m going to improve, I’m going to identify my areas of strength and these areas I need to develop’.

We love intrinsically motivated, dedicated young men. You can’t come and drop into this culture and want to coast and cruise and just be a guy who has got a lovely wash bag.

“You’ve got to be a guy who is hungry and desperate to move on and push forward with your career.”

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