MARK Allen spoke exclusively to RangersTV to reflect on the past season and look ahead to the summer – where he says he and Steven Gerrard are focussing on adding quality not quantity to the Gers squad.

The Director of Football says he and the manager are looking to bolster next season’s starting XI when they begin their business in the new transfer window.

Allen’s full interview is available to view here on RangersTV but here is a taster of what he said about the Light Blues upcoming recruitment.

He said: “Our job is not only to make sure our squad is strong and capable of mounting a challenge that we want to make, but ultimately I think Steven and I have spoken quite openly about the fact this is about adding some quality as well to the existing quality we’ve got last summer.

“In any season there will be players that come in and players that go but the reality is the transfer window is not open officially yet so there’s no business other than Bosmans that we can do at this moment in time.

“I think you always have to have one eye on the future but I think the answer is balance. My job and Steven’s job is to look at this and say we have a balanced squad more than capable of competing and challenging for the top awards.

“But at the same time we have one eye on the future in terms of longevity etc. The best squads in the world are balanced squads and that’s where we will aim to have a balance of youth, experience, and athleticism – all the characteristics we need to be successful.

“We’ve been quite strict on this. Steven and I use the analogy of making a cake. We’ve made the cake, the cake looks really nice and we need to put the icing on it now.


“The analogy we’re trying to look at now is about trying to add quality to the starting eleven.

“And at the same time, making sure we have a squad that is capable because we are going to play nigh-on 60 games this year. You cannot do that with 13, 14, 15 players.

“You need a strong squad, but you also need a starting eleven that gives you that opportunity and that takes that quality to a level that we know is going to be needed to be successful.

“I don’t think it’s a secret to say we are looking at somebody in that attacking midfield area that can bring us a little bit of joy towards the top end of the pitch.

“There’s no secret to the fact Joe Worrall will go back and return to Nottingham Forest, so obviously, there’s a focus on making sure we are robust back there and I think generally we’re looking at where we think we can strengthen.

“It’s got to be strengthening bearing in mind the number of games we are hoping to be playing again next season.”

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