MARK ALLEN today unveiled his new Scouting Department at Rangers with two clear aims – becoming more competitive and winning the Scottish Premiership.

The Ibrox Director of Football has been hard at work creating a brand new setup and has made a number of key appointments to ensure Gers are armed to make some massive strides forward.

Allen explained: “We need to become more competitive as soon as possible and we need to win the Scottish Premiership as soon as possible.

“I think for me, alongside those two things, we need to build a legacy at the football club which says there is continuity and I alluded to the fact last time that a robust structure gives you success moving forward and a really strong platform on which to build.

“That is what this department will give – it will provide a legacy where there will be information, there will be database and there will be a lot of information available to anyone who is picking that up within Rangers Football Club to work from moving forward.”


But exactly how will Rangers go about reaching those specific, ambitious aims?

‘’Well,’’ Allen continued, “You go back to basics. First and foremost, we had to sit down and design effectively what the team profile will look like.

“To be successful in the Scottish Premiership and at Rangers in particular you need to be organised, you need to be ruthless and you need to be relentless. So we looked at those characteristics and started to look on and off the pitch to create this environment.

“Off the back of that, you start to look at the sort of player profiles that will fit into that, and the characteristics you were looking for in terms of a profile of a Rangers player.

“For me, you need commitment, you need leadership, you need respect and you need a football intelligence in terms of being able to understand different positions on the park and how to play your positions.

“You need a winning mentality and I do believe you need a degree of physicality. So when you look at all of those sorts of profiling statements, it gives you a good idea then to say if the team profile is going to be organised, ruthless, relentless, and if the player profile is going to be those six categories, then what are you looking for in each position then?

“We devised a set of characteristics we would be looking for in a defender, a midfielder and an attacker and then broke that right down to different types. For instance, attacking right-backs, defending right-backs, wing-backs, holding midfielders box to box midfield players, attacking midfield players etc.’’

Allen also explained no stone will be left unturned in Gers search for fresh talent – but everything they do will be built upon a solid plan.

He added: “I think the beauty of what we have built is it is big enough to be able to scout in the right areas but it isn’t too big that you are going to be inundated with players.

“These are going to be targeted approaches as opposed to a scattergun approach. We will go where the style and type of football matches the type of player we are looking for, as identified by our player profiling.’’

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