ALFREDO Morelos picked up the big double of the evening as he added Players’ Player of the Year and Player of the Year to his Top Goalscorer award.

The Colombian said he wouldn’t have performed as he has this season without his teammates, who he described as “fundamental” to his success.

Speaking to RangersTV Morelos smiled: “It’s something incredible for me, my teammates support has been really important.

“I’m very thankful for their support both on and off the pitch so thanks to them, and to the whole technical team, for their support thank you so much.

 “I think the support of my team is unconditional, their support has been fundamental for everything that I’ve achieved here with Rangers.

“We know that we played as best we could this season and it’s all thanks to them, honestly without my teammates support none of this would have been possible.

“I’m thankful to all of them now I’m going to go out and hug each and every one of them for everything, for all the support they’ve given me, for all the love and respect that I’ve gotten here in the club.

“I’m very happy with all of them; I’m very happy and very proud that they picked me.”

The 22-year-old rounded off the evening by picking up the main award, Player of the Year, as voted for by the Gers support.

Speaking about the achievement he said: “I’ve always said that the fans are one hundred percent supportive. The way they support me is very passionate and the love they have for me, honestly.

“I’ve also proven myself to them in an amazing way, on the pitch playing well, scoring lots of goals.

“All of these prizes are for them; because they deserve it they are great fans that support us no matter what I’m very happy to have such great fans.

“My target is to be the top scorer in the league this season, that is one of my biggest targets and to keep playing well in the next three games.

“I know they are really important games for me and I’ve always said that football always gives you another opportunity.

“Now it is time to face these three games as well as possible, one is against Celtic which is going to be a very important game for me. I hope to play well and to keep going and finish the season as well as I can.”

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