CHARLES GREEN has the following Christmas message for the club’s fans:

‘TWAS the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Except of course Ally McCoist, whose been banging on my door asking: “When can I spend that £10m?”.

Right behind him was Jim Traynor, the man with the perfect face for radio. Not content with being the forthcoming star of Rangers TV, he still thinks he should be playing for the team.

All of us at Ibrox are enjoying the season of goodwill but there must be something wrong with the postman. No Christmas cards have arrived from Dundee United, the SFA or the SPL. Never mind, maybe they’ll be in the last post.

I’d love to be able to toast every Rangers fan with something special but as a teetotaller, it’s lemonade or nothing. All the same the supporters of this club deserve a toast more than ever.

Before I came to Ibrox I had no idea how much pain our fans were enduring. With the torment of administration and all that followed, there seemed no end to it with our fans taking it on the chin from everyone and their auntie baying for blood in the name of sporting integrity. Take it on the chin they did and they did not flinch.

I doubt there’s another club in the world where the supporters could take everything thrown at them and yet stand so tall and proud. The outstanding efforts of our fans in supporting this club this year has been shown to audiences around the world by the many foreign TV stations who have visited Ibrox to chart the fall and rise of Rangers.

It is quite a story and we are glad that we are ending this year on a high note. Attendances at Ibrox have been breathtaking. We are also delighted to be made welcome in the SFL Division 3 and know we’re making a difference to the league. We’ve also been pleased to fill the stockings financially of all the clubs we’ve played this season.

The club is on the way back and our admission to the London Stock Exchange last week was yet another important milestone on that journey.

I would, on behalf of the board of directors of Rangers, like to express our deep gratitude to every Rangers fan. You are the greatest and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Oh there’s a delivery from the SFA and it’s a big bundle. Either it is thanks for rejuvenating and refreshing Scottish football or it’s another pile of disrepute charges. See you at Ibrox on Boxing Day.

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