RANGERS have become the first football club in the UK to adopt a revolutionary new device which will change the Ibrox experience for blind and visually impaired fans.

A new artificial intelligence solution which can read text, as well as recognise faces, products, colours, and currency notes, is now available at the club.

Rangers has purchased the OrCam MyEye 2 device to assist its blind and visually impaired fans, as well as anyone who has difficulty reading printed text.

Rangers Health Safety & Access Manager Liz Kay commented, “This is a huge step for the club towards helping blind and visually impaired fans.

“We have become the first club across all the professional leagues in the UK to purchase the OrCam device which is a ground-breaking move.

“The impact it will have on our fans is immeasurable and it makes areas of the club, like stadium tours, inclusive to all. We are excited to put it into use now!”

The OrCam MyEye 2 device uses artificial intelligence to analyse visual information and instantly communicate it to the user via audio.

The OrCam device is wireless and attaches magnetically to any pair of glasses.

If a visually impaired fan has requested to use the device for a tour, upon arrival they will be given a quick training session by Rangers staff, and will then be able to borrow the device for the duration of their visit.

Ian White, a visually impaired OrCam user and trainer came to Ibrox Stadium to train Rangers staff on how to use the OrCam MyEye 2 device this week.

He said: “OrCam make a huge difference to visually impaired and blind fans. For me, being able to read the programme on a match day is a really big thing, it makes you feel much more part of the whole day.

“Using the OrCam brings a whole new dimension to the stadium tour: it’s really quite empowering to be able to access the materials on the tour without needing someone with me to describe what’s in front of me.”

The OrCam MyEye 2 instantly reads any printed or digital text off any surface, including newspapers, books, menus, street signs, and computer or smartphone screens.

At Rangers this will include any printed materials that would usually be inaccessible for blind and visually impaired fans, as well as descriptions of the exhibits on the stadium tours.

Rangers staff are also working to get the OrCam device to recognise some of the exhibits on the stadium tour, such as artists impressions of past players.

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