UNDER-18’S coach David McCallum said the team are always striving to improve after they won their fourth game in a row this evening.

Goals from the Ross McCausland and Alex Lowry saw the young Gers beat Hearts 2-0 at the Hummel Training Centre, and while pleased with the start to the season, McCallum said they are always looking at areas to improve.

He said: “I thought it was an interesting game I think Hearts brought a different type of challenge for us tonight.

“When you look at the first half and the way they shaped up they made it difficult for us to play through them and they sat back a little bit and they tried to hit us on the counter attack so the big message at half-time was when you move the ball side to side can you do it quicker.

“Actually just before half-time when we get the goal was a good example of what we wanted to do and eventually we did it at that point and it was a good way to lead us to the second half.

“We also said as much as we want to go round if we have to we want to try and play through the lines a little bit quicker when the opportunity allowed us to do it so it was really just about challenging them just to be braver and trust each other.

“A lot of our possession in the first half tended to be to the back and middle third of the pitch, that’s good but we need something at the end of it and we have always got to challenge the players that when we have the ball we have got to have a reason to have it and not be content just to shift the ball about.

“We don’t want the games to be played in a manner where it is slow and allowing Hearts to keep the ball so we wanted to just be braver.

“The goal before half time obviously helped us as Hearts have to go and come out a bit more if they want to get back into the game and spaces so open up to.”

McCallum said he felt they could have had more goals tonight as they had a lot of play around the final third of the pitch.

He added: “I’m pleased, we want to win the games but we are still trying to improve certain aspects of how we want to play.

“We can’t just be content with wanting to win the games, of course it is great but we want to make sure that our performance levels are more in line with what we want to get to as a team without Kevin and I being the joystick controlling the players at the side of the pitch.

“I think we want to try and get more goals tonight, I thought we had a lot of play around that final third of the pitch.

“It’s interesting we asked the players if they were designing a session for Sunday, what would they want it to be and they themselves wanted to play in and around the penalty box because they felt tonight that we needed to be a bit more creative with our movement out of possession, so that’s what we’ll do on Sunday and hopefully we’ll see that next week.


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