GRAEME Murty says his players must understand there are two sides to the game as Rangers Development Squad lost a late goal in a 1-0 defeat to Aberdeen this afternoon.

The Development Head Coach praised the squad for their technique and movement of the ball but says there’s work to be done when they aren’t in possession.

Speaking to RangersTV after the game he said: “I am getting a bit sick of saying the same stuff actually, nice football, keep the ball well, dominate possession, create loads of chances and concede a really rubbish goal.

“I keep on saying to the guys we want them to play well, we want them to be brave on the ball and I thought they exhibited those traits really well, technique was good, rotations were excellent and some of the chances we created were very very good.

“The way that we can move the ball is really really good, but we need to take chances and the thing that concerns me for this group and I sound like a broken record is they look like they are going to concede a really really poor goal from a set piece.

“There’s work to be done with the lads and there’s work to be done in terms of their mentality to understand that the game has two sides of it.

“We have the ball and we are great with that but the stuff without the ball they have to want to put as much effort into that as they do with creating.

“For 35 minutes of the second half I thought we were great on both sides but concede too many good chances so we need to improve on that regard.”

Murty was frustrated as Michael Ruth’s 84th minute strike saw Aberdeen take the victory.

He continued: “I was disappointed for the guys because I didn’t think they deserved it but it’s all of our own making to be perfectly honest.

“We give a stupid free-kick away 25 yards out that they have then moved to 20 yards out, hit the bar gave the corner away and we have got the ball from the corner and we get robbed in our own 18-yard box and it is a tap in from four yards out it is just doing the basic stuff.

“Then we actually go up the other end, create the best chance that we have and really poor shot selection from Josh after just conceding the goal so we had chances to get back in it.

“I think the guys need to understand that it is a harsh world football, academy football is something that is really nice and quite protected but they need to understand they are being paid to perform and they are being paid to win.

“They are not being paid to play well, as much as that sounds contradictory they are being paid to get a result on the board and that’s the bit that they need to now get.

“The other stuff with the ball they have got that now but it is the hard bit, the dirty bit that not everyone likes to talk about in Academy football that’s the next bit that they need to learn.”

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