FORMER Rangers defender Marvin Andrews loved every minute of his Light Blues career and he was thrilled to take part in a recent Q&A session on the Rangers Youth Development Company Twitter account.

The ex-Trinidad and Tobago international cemented his status as a cult hero with Rangers fans when he helped Alex McLeish’s side win the 2005 league title on Helicopter Sunday at Easter Road and he was happy to reflect on that great achievement with supporters.

Check out the highlights of his session….

Q – The Transfer Scoop – What does it feel like to be a full time bloody legend? Love your work, top man!

A – I don’t consider myself a legend because of the calibre of players who have played at Rangers before me. But I enjoy making people happy and I like the fact the fans think of me as a cult hero.

Q – Kpen – Keep believing! Who was your favourite player at Rangers?

A – Big Dado Prso, when you talk about a proper striker with all the qualities he had it. Skill, heart, ability and he was fantastic in the dressing room.

Q – Freya Potter – Do you miss Rangers?

A – If I could relive Helicopter Sunday and the good periods with the same guys like a healthy Fernando Ricksen in the dressing room I definitely miss that. But missing Rangers at the moment no, I have had my time here and I loved every moment of it. It will stay with me until the day I depart this world.

Q – Freya Potter – And who is favourite Rangers hero?

A – Ian Durrant I didn’t see him play but what I heard he was a great player before his bad injury. Davie Cooper, John Greig, Willie Henderson and Jim Baxter. I have heard all the stories about these great players, I would have loved to witness them play.

Q – Revan – Why did you choose playing as a defender?

A – I became a defender when I played with the school team at Mount-Hope High School. Then I went on to San Juan Senior Comprehensive. The manager Miguel Hackett recognised I had potential to be a commanding central defender.

At offensive corners I was a goal threat. I was also commanding defensively but Miguel Hackett was the key reason why I became a defender.

Q – Narsa – Will you be treating the Bears to one of your legendary singsongs at #NARSA2019?

AI will surely sing, as long as the Rangers Family will sing along with me at Narsa!

Q – RRS – Who had the biggest influence on you as a player (apart from God)?

A – One of the biggest was my cousin Shawn David. We used to go to the park and play football every evening after school and he was very talented. Most times I used to be in the goal and he would take shots at me.

He was such a gifted footballer. He should have been in the national team more. Through Shaun I met Dennis Lawrence and that meeting helped start my football journey.

Q – Gavin Kelly – Did you ever get your ALC cruciate ligament fixed and what happened to your knee after you kept playing with it injured?

A – At that time I didn’t have surgery. I played on for four years. In 2008 at Raith Rovers I felt a pop on my knee and tore my cartilage. I tried to play on but it was painful so I prayed about it and God told me to fix my cartilage and cruciate in 2008.

I felt it was the right decision to do the operation and then the doctors decided to operate on my ACL as well.

But after the operation they gave me the bad news I may never play again because of the state my knee was in before.

I obviously prayed and did my rehab. In the 2009 season Raith were in the second division, Ayr were ahead. The manager saw me train and asked me to play 10 games to get them over the line. We won the title at Hampden.

After that season I signed for Hamilton and had a lot of clubs after that.

Q – Paul Kennedy – Toughest opponent you faced?

A – Toughest striker was Ronald de Boer when I was at Livingston. We were 3 or 4-0 down after 20 minutes. He had great vision, passing, everything. Such a talented player. He also helped me enhance my game as I could learn from his movements.

Q – Jordan Spiers – Best friend in football?

A – Dennis Lawrence – manager of the Trinidad national team. I met him through my cousin woi played in the same high school. He was a slim midfielder then! He and I were centre half partners for the team and we became great friends.

We were born for each other. We always shared rooms together. The coach used to say wherever Marvin is you see Dennis and vice versa. He is a true friend. I appreciate him so much and I am thankful that God has blessed me with such a friend.

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