What is the MyGers Membership Programme?

We are in this together. Fan, Player and Club.

Our Membership scheme pays homage to the collective unity between this trilogy. We drive each other forward and together we are stronger.

MyGers allows fans to show their loyalty to Rangers, like never before.

We believe that loyalty must be rewarded. You have stood by us for almost 150 years.

Now, fans can be closer to our beloved club, more than ever before and access benefits such as a welcome gift, ticketing priority, access to Club discounts and access to exclusive competitions and experiences.

Celebrating success together means everything to all of us. With MyGers we can be Always Rangers, Always Rewarded.

What options are available to join?

No matter whether you roar the team on from the stands at Ibrox or from the other side of the world, there is a MyGers option for you.

It’s well-known that the Rangers family is global which is why we have created a MyGers Membership for our international fans and our fans in the United Kingdom.

Experiences, competitions, discounts and ticketing priority is available to everyone who joins MyGers so no matter where you are in the world, you can feel part of the blue sea of Ibrox.

We have also created different options for junior supporters including a BornGers MyGers Membership for our youngest fans aged between 0 and 4, a FutureGers option for fans aged 5 -11 and a TrueGers option for fans aged 12 – 15.

How much is a MyGers Membership?

MyGers Memberships are priced at £40 for adults who hold a season ticket and £50 for adults who do not hold a season ticket. For Junior supporters, MyGers is priced at £20 for season ticket holders and £25 for non-season ticket holders.

How can I buy a MyGers Membership?

MyGers Memberships can be purchased online HERE.

If you are a blind or visually impaired supporter (or if you have a different type of access disability that means you are unable to purchase online), please contact our Disability Matters team via [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.

Do Season Ticket Holders receive a discount on the price of a MyGers Membership?

Yes, season ticket holders are entitled to a discount on the price of a 2020/2021 MyGers Membership.

This includes supporters who hold a 2019/2020 season ticket whilst season 2019/2020 is still in operation and supporters who renew or purchase a season ticket for Season 2020/2021. However, please note that supporters can only access one form of season ticket holder discount per MyGers Membership (therefore if you own a 2019/2020 Season Ticket and renew for 2020/2021, you will not receive a double discount).

Purchasing a MyGers Membership at the discounted season ticket holder price can be done in one of the following ways:

  • If you hold a Season 2019/2020 Season Ticket, you can purchase a MyGers Membership with the discounted price straight away HERE.
  • If you do not hold a Season 2019/2020 Season Ticket (or you are purchasing a MyGers Membership after Season 2019/2020 is finished) and you are purchasing a 2020/2021 Season Ticket via bank transfer, when you receive your confirmation email from the Club (approximately 2 working days after payment is transferred) your email will also contain details on how to purchase a MyGers Membership at the reduced price. As soon as your season ticket bank transfer is confirmed by the Club, our online system will recognise you as a season ticket holder and you will be able to purchase a MyGers Membership as a Season Ticket Holder and with a card payment.
  • If you do not hold a Season 2019/2020 Season Ticket (or you are purchasing a MyGers Membership after Season 2019/2020 is finished) and you are purchasing a 2020/2021 Season Ticket with credit finance, when you receive your confirmation email you will be able to purchase a MyGers Membership online with a card payment.
  • If you do not hold a Season 2019/2020 Season Ticket (or you are purchasing a MyGers Membership after Season 2019/2020 is finished) and you are purchasing a 2020/2021 Season Ticket with a credit or debit card, when you receive your confirmation email you will also receive information on how to purchase a MyGers Membership at the reduced price.

Why can’t I see the season ticket holder discount when I go to purchase?

Keep going! Season Ticket Holder discounts will be applied as a promotion once you reach the checkout stage.

If Season 2019/2020 games are not completed, can I use the £25 voucher issued by the Club towards a MyGers Membership?

Yes, if Season 2019/2020 games are not completed, the £25 voucher can be redeemed against a MyGers Membership purchase. Further details on how to use the voucher will be shared in this event.

Please note, in the event that the vouchers are issued, they cannot be applied retrospectively to an active MyGers Membership.

Are MyGers Memberships just designed for Season Ticket Holders?

No, the MyGers Membership scheme has also been designed to offer a range of benefits for non-Season Ticket holders too.

For non-season ticket holders, owning a Rangers MyGers Membership gives you the best chance of accessing match tickets and also gives you access to a range of discounts and benefits.

How can a non Season Ticket Holder purchase a MyGers Membership?

Non Season Ticket Holders can purchase a MyGers Membership online HERE

Do I need to buy a MyGers Membership in order to renew my Season Ticket?

No, a MyGers Membership does not need to be purchased in order to renew your Season Ticket.

How long does a 2020/2021 MyGers Membership last?

MyGers Memberships are valid from the 1st June 2020 to the 31st May 2021.

Regardless of purchase date, all 2020/2021 MyGers Memberships will expire on the 31st May 2021.

As part of our MyGers Membership launch campaign, supporters who buy a MyGers Membership in May 2020 will be entered into a prize draw to win a phone call from a first team player. As part of our commitment to accessibility, if any of the winners are deaf or hard of hearing we will arrange for an alternative medium to be used for the prize.

We will also be running other early bird competitions in addition to the regular monthly MyGers prize draw.

Is there a deadline to purchase MyGers Memberships by?

No, Season 2020/2021 Memberships can be purchased at any point throughout the year.

All 2020/2021 MyGers Memberships will expire on the 31st May 2021 so we would encourage you to buy as early as possible to maximise your benefits from Membership.

What happens once I have joined MyGers?

Following purchase of a MyGers Membership, you will receive a payment confirmation email containing details of the transaction. Within 24 hours of receiving the payment confirmation email, you will receive a welcome email from the Club that will contain details of the benefits. For example, the welcome email will contain your access link to the RangersTV benefit.

I do not have regular access to the internet, can I purchase a MyGers Membership in person via the Ticket Centre?

The MyGers Membership purchase process is entirely online. If you do not have internet access, you could ask a family member or a friend to register on your behalf.

If you are already a current Season Ticket holder, someone can purchase a MyGers Membership on your behalf via their friends and family option – all they need is your Rangers Number, Surname and Postcode.

Can I buy a MyGers Membership as a gift or on behalf of someone else?

Yes, please register online then click on My Account and then Friends & Family.

If you already have a friendship group it will list everyone else in the group’s details. If you do not already have a friendship group you can add people by entering their Rangers number, surname and postcode.

Once you have created the group that you want to purchase a MyGers Membership for, you should select MyGers Memberships from the dropdown menu.

At this point you should select the total number of MyGers Memberships that you wish to purchase. After this there will be a dropdown menu related to each MyGers Membership you are purchasing. From this dropdown please select the Rangers number of the person in your friendship group that you wish to allocate the MyGers Membership to.

Alternatively, you can purchase a MyGers Membership for an entirely new member by registering them online as a new supporter.

Will my MyGers Membership be auto-renewed for Season 2021/2022?

Yes, all MyGers Memberships will auto-renew in Season 2021/2022. The Club will send an email out in advance to let supporters know when the next payment will be taken. If supporters do not wish to be included on auto-renew, they can email [email protected]

Do I have a MyGers Membership number?

If you have ever bought a match ticket from the Club, you will have a Rangers Number which will also become your MyGers Membership number.

For supporters who already have a Rangers Number, it is very important that this is used during the MyGers Membership registration process as this contains your purchase history with the Club which will be used to set your initial loyalty points value.

I can’t remember my Rangers Number. Where can I find it?

If you have previously purchased a match ticket from the Club website, your Rangers number will be detailed at the top of your confirmation email.

Season ticket holders can also find their Rangers number on their Season ticket smartcard. For supporters still unable to locate their Rangers number, please email [email protected] stating your full name and postal address for a reminder.

If you are a Seasonal Hospitality client requiring assistance with this, please contact your Hospitality Account Manager or email [email protected].

Does every MyGers member need a unique Rangers number?

Yes, every MyGers Member requires an individual, unique Rangers number.

Does every MyGers member need a unique email address?

No, the same email address can be used for different MyGers Members.

Is it still worth joining the Club’s Continuous Credit Scheme (CCS) for home games if I am a MyGers Member?

For season ticket holders, joining the Club’s CCS is the easiest way to secure a ticket for non-league matches that take place at Ibrox.

Being part of the Club’s CCS means that when a game at Ibrox is held that isn’t included in your Season Ticket, the Club will automatically process a ticket purchase for you. Your Rangers Smartcard will be automatically loaded with the ticket so you can sit back and relax knowing that you have access to the game. As an added bonus, you won’t have to pay a booking fee.

There are two continuous credit card schemes – one for home friendlies and one for competitive non-league games (such as domestic cup competitions and European competitions).

By opting into the Club’s competitive non-league games CCS, you will be given preference for semi-final and final ticket purchase access. For semi-finals and finals, the first sales window will be open to season ticket holder MyGers Members who are also part of the non-league games CCS.

I would like to ask some questions and find out more about MyGers. Who should I contact?

Feedback and enquiries related to MyGers Membership should be sent to [email protected].

We will endeavour to reply to all communications within 3 working days.

MyGers Membership Card and Welcome Gift

Will I receive a MyGers Membership Card?

Yes, Adult MyGers, Future Gers (5 -11), and TrueGers (12 – 15) will receive a personalised MyGers Membership card that will be active until the 31st May 2021.

Members in the BornGers (0-4) age group will receive an A5 personalised certificate.

Your Membership card or certificate will be included as part of your Welcome Pack.

What will I receive in the Welcome Pack?

Adult MyGers Members will receive a personalised MyGers Membership card, a premium Rangers scarf and a Rangers pin badge in a presentation box.

TrueGers Members will receive a personalised MyGers Membership card, Rangers branded touchscreen gloves, a Rangers branded multi-charger and a Rangers drawstring bag.

FutureGers Members will receive a personalised MyGers Membership card, a Rangers flag, a Rangers sticker sheet, a Rangers stationary set and a Rangers door hanger.

BornGers Members will receive a personalised Rangers certificate, a premium Rangers toddler blanket, a Rangers sticker sheet and a collection of Rangers milestone cards.

We have created Welcome Packs contents that will help you cheer the team on whether you are watching the game at Ibrox or at home and we would love to see you with the contents when they arrive! You can share photographs with the MyGers Team via [email protected] and we will include them in our Members online gallery.

When will my Welcome Pack arrive?

The first release of Welcome Packs are due to be dispatched from the 6th of July 2020. Delivery times will be subject to a member’s location but UK packs should arrive within two weeks and international packs should arrive within four to six weeks.
MyGers Members will also be able to track the delivery status of their packs.

If you experience a delay with your Welcome Pack, please email [email protected].

GlobalGers Members should be aware that import duties and local taxes for goods delivered outside the UK are not included in the MyGers Membership fee and in this case, you will be responsible for the payment of any and all import duties and local taxes upon receipt.

What if my MyGers Membership Card is stolen or lost?

Please contact [email protected] to arrange a replacement. Please note, replacement cards will be subject to a £5 administration fee.

I would like to cancel my active MyGers Membership. How do I do this?

MyGers Members who wish to cancel their Membership should complete the MyGers Membership cancellation form available HERE. This should be returned to [email protected].

Cancellations within 14 days from purchase will be refunded in full. However, the Club is entitled to a refund or return of any Membership benefits you have received during that time through your Membership privileges. This includes any match tickets you have purchased through your Membership privileges.

Cancellations after 14 days of purchase will not be entitled to a refund.

MyGers Loyalty Points

Why has the Club introduced a loyalty points system for ticketing?

Supporter feedback has consistently told us that fans want change when it comes to ticketing and that individual supporter loyalty should be taken into consideration and rewarded when it comes to ticketing for games that are in high demand.

Supporter feedback will always be at the heart of what we do as a Club and during the development of MyGers we have listened to feedback gained through two online surveys (which were collectively answered by more than 15,000 respondents) and multiple face-to-face fans focus groups.

How is the Club measuring loyalty as part of the MyGers Membership programme?

From fans taking long journeys to travel to Ibrox to fans getting up early to watch a game when in a different time zone, we recognise that the Rangers support is incredibly passionate and that supporter loyalty comes in many different forms.

As the MyGers Membership programme is introducing loyalty to guide how tickets are distributed, we will use historical ticket purchases to create the initial loyalty balances for MyGers Members.

From Season 2020/2021, members will be able to earn MyGers points on a range of actions that support the Club including home match attendance, match ticket purchases, stadium tour purchases, annual RTV subscriptions and tickets to selected Club events.

How will the loyalty system work?

Individuals will be grouped into loyalty tiers based on their number of MyGers points.

The fans with the highest number of MyGers points will be in the top tier which will be the gold tier.

Fans in the next tier will be in the silver tier, followed by a bronze tier. Supporters will move up and down the tiers throughout the season based on their activity.

When considering how loyalty can be used to distribute tickets, the Club has considered many different models and consulted with fans on the range of options available.

Particularly for domestic away games, feedback highlighted that we should reward Members in the top loyalty tiers with priority access to tickets but we must be careful not to create a “closed shop” that restricts regular ticket access to a limited group of people.

With this in mind, we have developed a hybrid system for domestic and European away tickets that will firstly reward MyGers Members in the top tiers with priority access to tickets but will also offer windows of opportunity to buy tickets for Members who are lower down the tiers.

These windows will have fewer tickets than the sales window for MyGers Members in the gold tier but it will allow Members who are progressing through the tiers an opportunity to access tickets.

How can I become a gold MyGers Member?

Gold MyGers Members are the Members who have earned the most MyGers Loyalty points through a combination of ticket purchases, home match attendances, RTV subscriptions and support of additional Club activities such as selected events and the stadium tour.

Gold MyGers Members will typically have been to have every home game plus been involved with other Club activities such as subscribing to RTV, purchasing a stadium tour and following the team away from home.

At each points update window, we will communicate the points values required for each tier so that MyGers Members can understand their position within the bronze, silver and gold movements. We will also highlight examples of MyGers Member journeys throughout the season so that Members can understand what activities will help them progress throughout the tiers.

Priority Ticketing

When will MyGers Members be able to buy tickets for home games?

A MyGers Members sales window will always be scheduled before a public sale is opened.
The exact process and timings will vary depending on the competition but we will communicate the key information and dates in advance of every fixture.

Some examples of the process can be found below:

How many home tickets can a Member buy?

This will vary dependent on the game and will be communicated when the match information is released.

How can I buy tickets for a domestic or European away game?

Only MyGers Members who are also season ticket holders can purchase domestic away tickets and these will be made available in priority online sales windows on a first-come, first served basis – with the most tickets being made available for Gold MyGers Members.

In response to fan feedback and to help support our international supporter base, MyGers Members who are not season ticket holders will be able to purchase tickets for European away games. Please note that for all European away tickets, MyGers Members must submit their passport details as part of the sales process. In addition, to collect a European away ticket you must present your MyGers Membership card (or confirmation email if not already received) plus a form of photo ID.

Once Rangers has received the ticket information from the opposition club, we will send out a communication (where time scales permit) to all Members which will include the option to register interest for the fixture. Information on every fixture will also be made available online.

This communication will contain information on the sales dates for each loyalty tier with gold receiving first access, silver second and bronze third.

Each tier will have a separate sales window and the schedule will be published in advance.

Are there any domestic away games that will not follow this process?

Yes, in line with feedback received during the fans focus groups we will exempt league games at Parkhead from the hybrid model and only give fans that are in the gold tier an opportunity to buy.

As part of this, we will not award a loyalty point for the purchase of this game as it would not be fair to members in the silver or bronze tier as they had no opportunity to buy.

Can I move up and down the tiers throughout a season?

Yes, MyGers Members can move up and down the tiers in the same season depending on their activity.

Members will earn points throughout the season and approximately every 12 weeks, new MyGers points will be totalled and used to update tier statuses. The Club will communicate the date of the next update on the website.

Please note that in-between tier updates, all MyGers points balances will remain static (the new points earned will only be added to your total when the updates are being processed).

I’m a gold member who forgot to buy a ticket for a match that is now being sold to silver or bronze members – can I still buy?

No, in order to maximise fairness around the system, members will only be able to buy within their defined sales window.

What time will the tickets go on sale at?

This will vary depending on the notice period the Club has to work with.

Following feedback from the Fans Focus Groups, we will always endeavour to give fans as much notice as possible and we will aim to have the sales windows start in the evening and weekend.

I am unable to get online when the sales window opens, what can I do?

If you are linked to other supporters through the friends and family group, they can buy the ticket on your behalf, subject to availability.

We appreciate that unfortunately there is not a perfect time that will suit every supporter and throughout the season we will remain open to feedback to allow us to find time slots that accommodate the majority of supporters.

In addition, supporters who can provide evidence that they encountered extreme difficulty in accessing a sales window (for example, hospitalisation or other medical reasons) should contact [email protected] so that we can review the particular circumstances and support if there are tickets still available.

If you are a blind or visually impaired supporter and you are unable to make purchases online, please contact our Disability Matters Team on 0141 580 8639 so that your needs can be discussed in confidence.

How long will each sales window be open?

This will vary depending on the notice period the Club has to work with but we will always endeavour to give as much time to supporters as possible.

Can tickets be upgraded from a junior to an adult ticket for away games?

No, as of season 2020/2021 there will be no ability to change the age category of away tickets.

Can I pick games on an individual basis?

Yes, we have introduced the ability to register interest and buy domestic and European away tickets on an individual basis.

This means that supporters will no longer be auto-enrolled in the away scheme at the start of the season – each away game will be created as a separate event and require action.

Do I need to have a MyGers Membership and a Season Ticket to access away tickets in this way?

Yes, access to the priority away ticket windows is a Season Ticket Holder Members only benefit.

Do I still need to buy a Rangers Travel Club Membership if I want to apply for away games in European competitions?

No, as of Season 2020/2021 the Travel Club will be included as part of the MyGers Membership Scheme. To support this transition, the value of Travel Club points supporters hold at the end of Season 2019/2020 will be converted into MyGers points.

Will everyone’s MyGers points balance start at zero?

No, the Club recognises the incredible support fans have given to the team in recent years and to acknowledge this, fans who already have a Rangers Number will be given an initial loyalty points balance based on their historical ticket purchases starting from Season 2015/2016.

Why did you pick Season 2015/2016 as the starting point for creating the initial loyalty points balance from?

During the Fans Focus Groups, various time periods were suggested and considered.

Although the Club typically uses a three year rolling window to create loyalty point values (for example, in the previous Rangers Travel Club) it was deemed important by many fans to use a time frame that reflected attending games during our journey of returning to the top tier of the SPFL.

What ticketing history will you use to create my initial loyalty points balance?

Using supporters Rangers Numbers, we will create initial loyalty balances based on the following activity from Season 2015/2016:

  • Purchase of a Season Ticket (this includes renewals for Season 2020/2021).
  • Purchase of home single match tickets (for games not included in a purchased season ticket if applicable).
  • Season Ticket Holders who selected the “Away Scheme” CCS Scheme between 2016 and 2019 will be given an additional value.
  • Season Ticket Holders who selected the “Semi-Finals and Finals” CCS Scheme will be given an additional value.
  • Purchase of an away first team friendly ticket sold directly by Rangers.
  • Supporters who have accrued Travel Club points will have their points balance at the end of Season 2019/2020 converted into the new balance.

These values will be issued for every season starting from Season 2015/2016 (for example, a supporter who has purchased a season ticket five years in a row will have more points than a supporter who has purchased for three years).

How can loyalty points be earned from Season 2020/2021?

Loyalty points can be earned in a number of ways including:

  • Home match attendance
  • Making your seat available via SeatSub for league matches within a defined time period
  • Season ticket purchases
  • Home match individual tickets
  • Domestic and European away ticket purchases
  • Purchase of a MyGers Membership
  • RTV Annual Subscriptions
  • Selected Club Events and Stadium Tours

As the MyGers Membership scheme grows, we will be adding new ways for supporters to earn points. Throughout the season, we may change the value of points earned on certain matches and activities.

Stadium Tours will only be eligible for one loyalty point per MyGers Member, per season.

What points values can be earned from next season?

From next season, the following points values will apply:

Match purchase and attendance points will only apply to men’s first team games unless otherwise stated.

A loyalty point for stadium tours can only be earned once a season (you are can however, use the 20% MyGers discount on stadium tours more than once).

Points values may change throughout the season. For example, additional points could be awarded for certain games in particular circumstances.

How are higher and lower category games being categorised?

When categorising an away game to determine the points value available upon purchasing, we will consider the following factors:

  • The size of allocation available to the Rangers support
  • The level of demand received for the fixture in the registration window
  • The categorisation the opposition receives when it is a home tie.

Why will I not receive a loyalty point for purchasing an Old Firm semi-final or final ticket?

For Old Firm Semi-Finals and Finals, it is assumed that we will not receive an additional allocation and given the demand levels for this game, there is a high chance that some supporters who would like to go will unfortunately miss out on a ticket.

It therefore does not feel appropriate to award successful ticket purchases with a point as this would be unfair to supporters who have a strong desire to attend but were unable to due to supply and demand circumstances.

Why do you only receive MyGers loyalty points for tickets that are purchased directly from the Rangers Ticket Centre?

For traceability reasons, we can only award points to individual MyGers accounts if they have been purchased through a Rangers Ticket Centre account.

Tickets received through a Rangers Supporters Club allocation, a hospitality allocation or through a competition will not receive MyGers purchase or attendance points.

I’m a seasonal hospitality client who would like to purchase a MyGers Membership. How do I do this?

Seasonal hospitality clients who would like to purchase a MyGers Membership should contact their Hospitality Account Manager or [email protected] for further information and assistance.

Will MyGers Members who purchase their season ticket through finance be given a different points value from Members who purchase in full and up-front?

No, all season ticket payment options will earn the same value of MyGers points.

Will historical and future loyalty points be created for hospitality/VIP ticket purchases?

No, MyGers points will only reflect purchases for general admission tickets.

Can I claim points if I have made purchases for someone else?

No, points are linked to an individual Rangers number and are non-transferable.

I have had more than one Rangers number since 2015/2016 – will you be able to add loyalty points from my different Rangers numbers as part of the initial points update?

Merging activity from one Rangers number into another is possible. To request this, please contact [email protected].

When requesting this action, please confirm:

  • What Rangers Number you wish to be used as your active number following the merging process.
  • Please include all of the Rangers Numbers you wish to have merged. Please note, they must all be in your name.

It should be noted that the merging process is irreversible – once the accounts have been merged they cannot be re-separated.

When will I be able to view my initial loyalty points balance?

As the ticket purchase history includes the current Season 2019/2020, we must wait for this season to conclude before processing the final values.

Where can I view my points balance?

You can view your points and tier status by logging into your MyGers account.

When will the points and my loyalty status be updated throughout the season?

Tier statuses will be updated approximately every 12 weeks. The date for each status update will be published in advance.

How do I earn home match attendance points?

Points will be earned by scanning your season ticket smart card or individual match ticket at the turnstiles.

The points will be automatically applied by the Club – no further supporter action is required.

I don’t scan my ticket when entering the stadium. How will I earn the home match attendance points?

For supporters who do not scan their ticket (for example, supporters based in our wheelchair section) we will have hand-held readers available at your point of entry.

I’m a Season Ticket Holder MyGers Member who can’t attend a future home league game. Is there another way that I can earn the attendance points?

Yes, we understand that not every supporter can make every home league game for a variety of reasons. Therefore, if a supporter uses the SeatSub platform within a defined period of time before a game, they will receive the same value of points as a supporter who attends the match. The SeatSub attendance point window will be communicated in advance of every home league game and supporters will receive the points even if their ticket is not sold.

If a supporter makes their seat available after the attendance point window closes, they will still be eligible to receive a credit towards their next season ticket if the seat is sold, it is just the loyalty points value they will not receive.

How will tickets for Semi-Finals and Finals be allocated?

General ticket access for Semi-Finals and Finals will be prioritised for season ticket holder MyGers Members who have also opted in to the “All Non-Season Ticket Home Games and Priority to Semi-Finals and Finals ” CCS scheme.

Thereafter, and subject to availability, the following sales windows will open:

What about tickets for disabled supporters?

Supporters who are wheelchair users will follow the same sales process as general admission tickets. The only change being that they will purchase from a wheelchair accessible area allocation of tickets.

Ambulant disabled supporters who purchase away tickets and have already registered with the Club that they need reasonable adjustments will be allocated tickets if available which suits their access needs.

I have additional needs which means I can only attend matches with a carer. Does my carer need to purchase a MyGers Membership?

No, your carer does not need to purchase a MyGers Membership in order to accompany you to matches that you have purchased a ticket for. If we know that you require a carer to accompany you, your carer will also receive a ticket.

However, this does not mean that you carer is a MyGers Member. If your carer would like to receive the benefits of a MyGers Membership (for example, the Welcome Packs and MyGers loyalty points) then they should purchase a membership in their name.

What about Friends and Family groups?

Friends and Family groups will still be active. However, as tickets will be sold on a loyalty basis, it is not guaranteed that everyone in your group will receive a ticket for the same game.

If everyone in your friendship group has purchased a ticket, where possible, we will endeavour to allocate seats together.

What about the Continuous Credit Card Scheme?

The “Friendly Games”, “All Home Games plus priority for Semi-Finals/Finals” Continuous Credit Card Schemes will still be available for Season Ticket Holders to join.

These schemes offer supporters the benefit of no booking fees and enable Smartcards to be automatically activated for home games.

2020/2021 Season Ticket Waiting List

How do I join the Season Ticketing Waiting list?

Only supporters who are Members can join the season ticket waiting list. To purchase a MyGers Membership and join the waiting list please select HERE.

We will operate three season ticket waiting lists – one for the Family Stand (Broomloan Stand only), one for all stands (excluding the Broomloan stand) and one for our wheelchair section.

What is happening to the current waiting list?

The current season ticket waiting list is being retired at the end of Season 2019/2020 and will be replaced with a new list that is exclusive to MyGers Members and is ranked based on loyalty points. This will allow supporters who are currently attending the most games the best chance of being in line for a season ticket.

MyGers Experiences

What kind of experiences are on offer?

MyGers Members can access a world of exciting matchday and non-matchday experiences.

Some of these will be match-day related (for example, mascot and flagbearer places) whilst some will take place all year round (e.g. the chance to meet or receive a phone call from a first team player).

Throughout the season, we will host #MyGersMoments themed matches which will increase the number of mascot and flag bearer places available for those games whilst also creating opportunities for adult MyGers members to be on the pitch at half-time to experience the legendary Ibrox atmosphere.

There will also be monthly MyGers Member only competitions where Members can win special Rangers themed prizes.

Being a MyGers Member is the best chance of being selected for incredible Rangers experiences and prizes.

MyGers Members will receive information on these experiences in the MyGers emails, including the Monthly MyGers email that is sent out at the start of every month.

If I am selected for an event or experience, I would need to attend with a carer as I have additional needs. Would my carer be able to come with me, even if they are not a MyGers Member?

Yes, if you are selected for an event or experience and you require a carer to attend the event or experience with you, we will create an invitation for your carer and they do not need to be a MyGers Member. If you are selected and require a carer or any other reasonable adjustments to be made to an event or experience then we would encourage you to let us know as early as possible so that we can accommodate your needs in the best way possible.

We want MyGers Moments to be enjoyed by as many MyGers Members as possible. If you are a supporter interested in one of the available experiences or events but you are concerned that your additional access needs may prevent you from participating, please contact [email protected] and we will discuss your needs sensitively and in confidence with our Disability Matters team. There is lots we can do to help.

What are MyGers Groups?

MyGers Groups are Member only focus groups that will invite Members to share their opinions and ideas directly with the Club on a range of topics, including the Membership programme itself.

Some of these sessions will take place via face to face groups whilst some will be online so that we can gather the opinion of fans based globally.

We want to Members to feel closer than ever to Rangers so we will be asking Members to help select and influence many of the elements that supporters come in to direct contact with on a match-day.

For example, we will run polls to allow MyGers Members to decide elements such as match-day music, fan display artwork and themed days.

For the avoidance of doubt, Club feedback sessions will not always be restricted to MyGers Members only – we will run other feedback sessions and groups throughout the season too.

How can a Junior MyGers Member be selected to be a match-day mascot?

Match-day mascot places are open to our FutureGers 5 -11 age category.

FutureGers Members will be contacted by email throughout the season and will be asked to register their interest and availability for individual games through the MyGers Experiences page.

We will release the fixtures in blocks throughout the season as we appreciate that match dates and times can change so it can be difficult to confirm availability in advance.

A ballot will be conducted for every game and successful applicants will receive an email from Broxi Bear inviting them to take part in this amazing experience.

How can a Junior MyGers Member be selected to be a match-day flagbearer?

Match-day flagbearers play a special role in creating the famous Ibrox atmosphere.

Match-day flagbearer places are open to our FutureGers and TrueGers members. These members will be contacted throughout the season by email and will be asked to register their interest and availability for individual games through the MyGers Experiences page.

A ballot will be conducted for every game and successful applicants will receive an email from the Club Captain inviting them to take part.

How can a Junior MyGers Member be invited to the Junior MyGers parties and activities?

Throughout the year, we will host parties, playdates and activities specially designed for our Junior MyGers family.

We will create events specific to each age group so that every MyGers Junior tier can get involved.

We will email Junior MyGers members with event details and a link to register their availability on the MyGers Experiences page. If the demand for the activities exceeds the number of places available, we will conduct a ballot.

Successful participants will receive an email from Broxi, Roxi and Boris inviting them along.

How can I enter the monthly MyGers Moments prize draw?

Every month we will have an exciting prize draw for MyGers Members to enter.

We will advertise the ways to enter the competitions in the monthly MyGers Member newsletters and on the Club’s website.

MyGers Discounts:

Ibrox Stadium Restaurant Discount:

How can I redeem my 10% discount at the stadium restaurant?

When making a reservation, Members should quote that they are a MyGers Member at the time of booking.
Members must bring their MyGers Membership Card (or MyGers Membership Confirmation email if their Welcome Pack has not arrived yet) plus a form of photographic ID when dining to be eligible for the discount.

Please note that Argyle House Restaurant is currently closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

RangersTV Benefit:

How can I redeem my 30 days free trial and 10% off an annual RTV standard subscription discount?

The details of how to obtain your 30 days free trial and subsequent discount will be contained within the welcome email you will receive from the Club. MyGers Members will receive this email within 24 hours of receiving their payment confirmation email.

Please note that to use the offer, MyGers Members must create an account with RTV. During registration, you will be asked to enter your Rangers Number.

This benefit is available to new subscriptions only and cannot be applied to current subscriptions. However, this benefit will be available to redeem from the 1st May 2020 until the 31st May 2021.

The 10% discount is not appearing in my basket – how can I access it?

If you already hold a RangersTV account and the discount has not came through at the check-out stage, the following steps may work:

  • Open RangersTV in a new internet window and log-in.
  • Click the discount link in your welcome email.
  • This should then take you directly to the payment page which will enable you to purchase your annual RangersTV standard subscription at the reduced rate.

If this doesn’t work, please contact [email protected] where we will be happy to help.

I have just created an account for a standard annual subscription and it says £54 will be my first payment. Do I need to pay this every month?

No, £54 is the price of the annual subscription and this only needs to be paid once a year.

I already have an active annual RangersTV subscription but I didn’t include my Rangers number when I originally signed up. How will I get the MyGers Loyalty Points for my subscription?

To enable the Club to create loyalty points to reward your annual subscription, you must add your Rangers number to your RTV profile.

This can be done by editing your profile and adding your Rangers number to the Rangers number field.

If you experience any issues with editing your Rangers TV profile, please contact [email protected].

Can I be allocated MyGers Loyalty points more than once within the same MyGers year?

No, to maximise fairness around the loyalty system you will only receive an allocation of MyGers loyalty points for RTV Annual Subscriptions once per MyGers year (June – May).

By way of example, if you are an active RTV Annual Subscriber who started a subscription in April 2020 you will receive an allocation of MyGers points for this as part of the points update in July 2020. You would not then receive an additional allocation if you renew in April 2021 within the same MyGers year – you would instead receive the allocation for April 2021 renewal as part of the first points update for the 2021/2022 MyGers year.

Stadium Tours Discount:

How do I redeem my stadium tours discount on Members tours?

Due to the overwhelming popularity of stadium tours, we have a created a new Members only Tour slot that will take place on Friday afternoons. In addition, Members will receive 20% off the full price.

MyGers Members should book their stadium tour places online.

Please note Stadium Tours are currently suspended due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

Rangers Soccer School Discounts:

How can Junior MyGers Members access 10% off Soccer Schools Term Time courses?

When you log on to purchase a Soccer Schools course, our system will recognise active members and automatically apply the discount.

Please note that the discount can only be applied on term time block bookings made online.

RWFC Home Match Ticket Discount:

How do I redeem my 10% discount on Rangers Women’s Home League and Friendly Game tickets?

When you log on to purchase a ticket for a RWFC game, the system will recognise that you are an active MyGers Member and the discount will be applied at check-out.

Please note that the discount can only be applied on league and friendly tickets purchased online and these matches will not be eligible for a MyGers Purchase or Attendance Loyalty Point.

Club Events:

What kind of Club events will I earn a MyGers point for?

Match Screenings at Bar72 plus Former Player Q&A events hosted by the Club’s Events Team will be eligible for a MyGers point.

Club Partner Offers

How will I receive MyGers Member only offers from the Club’s partners?

MyGers Members will be first in line to receive exclusive offers from the Club’s growing roster of partners.

We will email MyGers Members with information and special offers when available.

Additional Benefits

Can I expect more benefits to be added to MyGers Membership in the future?

Yes, we will always be looking for ways to offer even more value to MyGers Members and we look forward to sharing new benefits as MyGers Membership grows and evolves.

Rangers Supporters Clubs

Are there changes being made to the Rangers Supporters Clubs?

For Season 2020/2021, a Membership will also be available to RSCs who wish to receive access to home and away tickets.

RSC Secretaries will shortly be contacted by the Club with more information.