How do I register a Club?

Please email your interest in registering a Club to [email protected]. The relevant application forms will be emailed to you and should be completed and returned to [email protected] or posted to Rangers Ticket Centre, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2XD.

How many members do I need to register a Club?

A minimum of 12 members is required and there is no upper limit to the number of members.

What do I need to register a Club?

A Club Secretary should be nominated as the main point of contact along with a secondary contact who can liaise with us when the secretary is unavailable. Payment details must also be registered with us for processing ticket orders.

All communications are sent by email so at least one valid email address should be provided.

What payment methods are available?

Payments are by credit or debit card only. All are subject to a £2 per transaction fee.

We are a newly registered Club, what tickets can we apply for?

In the first season of registration, you may apply for Ladbrokes SPFL Premiership home games and any Cup fixtures. If you re-register for the following Season, you will be entitled then to apply for all home and away fixtures.

How do we apply for tickets?

At the start of the season home and away application forms are emailed to all registered Clubs. These can be completed and returned by email to [email protected], by post to Rangers Ticket Centre, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2XD or in person at the Ranger Ticket Centre.

For Cup games a Special Match Application is emailed to the Club Secretary and should be completed and returned to [email protected], by post to Rangers Ticket Centre, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2XD or in person at the Ranger Ticket Centre.

Supporters Clubs can also apply for tickets at any point in the season by emailing [email protected] with their requirements.

How are Club Categories decided?

Club Categories are decided by the number of season ticket holders a Club registers as part of their membership at the start of the season. The following is a list of categories:

A+: 40 or more Season Ticket Holders
A: 30 – 39 Season Ticket Holders
B: 20 – 29 Season Ticket Holders
C: 10 – 19 Season Ticket Holders
D: 6 – 9 Season Ticket Holders
E: 3 – 5 Season Ticket Holders
F: 0 – 2 Season Ticket Holders
N: New Supporters Club

How are match tickets allocated?

In general for Home games, Clubs will be allocated the number of tickets they request. There may be certain games where a ballot will be required.

For away games, tickets are allocated based on Club category with A+ Clubs receiving the largest allocation and F Clubs the least.

How do I receive my tickets?

You can collect your tickets from the Ticket Centre or supply the Club with pre-paid self-addressed envelopes and we will post them out. If supplying envelopes we recommend you use Royal Mail Special Delivery™ which has the Track & Trace option should they not arrive.

Can I cancel or amend an order?

Orders can be cancelled or amended without penalty until the date of payment for your order. Once an order has been processed, a £2 per ticket cancellation fee will be applied.

What should I do if I cannot find the answer to my question?

Email your query to [email protected], call supporters services on 0371 702 1972 or visit the Ticket Centre.

How can I receive information updates from the Club?

Provide your contact details including name, address, email, mobile number and email address and you will receive updates. The latest Club news can also be found at