What is secondary ticketing?

Secondary ticketing is when a season ticket holder cannot attend a Ladbrokes SPFL Premiership fixture and wishes his / her ticket to be put up for resale by the Club.

How can I make my seat available for resale?

If you are unable to attend a Ladbrokes SPFL Premiership fixture you can make your seat available for resale by calling 0371 702 1972, online here or in person at the Rangers Ticket Centre.

Can I change my mind after making my seat available for resale?

If your seat has not already been sold via secondary ticketing you can re-activate your smartcard by calling 0371 702 1972, online here or in person at the Rangers Ticket Centre. There will be no charge to reclaim your seat. If you decide to attend the specified match and your seat has been sold via Secondary Ticketing you will be required to purchase a match ticket (subject to availability) at the full price.

What are the benefits to me if my seat is sold via Secondary Ticketing?

You will receive varying credits towards your season ticket for Season 2019/20 depending on the level of the ticket purchased on your seat i.e. Adult priced, Concession priced or Juvenile priced ticket sold. Credits raised against your season ticket seat can only be used against your season ticket renewal price for the following season (or season specified), provided your season ticket is renewed within the specified deadline, and credits cannot be transferred for cash or used towards any other match tickets or Club products.

Will my seat automatically be put forward for sale once returned via Secondary Ticketing?

Your seat will only be put up for public sale once all non-season ticket seats have been sold.

Can I request what sales level my seat is sold at?

You cannot specify what level your seat will be sold at. Your seat will be made available for general sale and sold at the price level requested.

When is the cut off for credit to be added to next season’s season ticket value?

Credits for season ticket renewals for season 19/20 will be accumulated to the home fixture prior to 28 February 2019. All credits accumulated after the 28 February 2019 and including season 2019/20 will be credited against season ticket renewal for 2020/21.

Can I make a Cup match ticket available for Secondary Ticketing?

You cannot release your seat for any non-season ticket matches purchased.

How much will I earn if my seat is resold?

The credit you receive will depend on the match opposition, and also on whether your seat is resold to an Adult, Concession or Junior. Credits for matches in Season 2018/19 are given below.

All resale levels – £30

Aberdeen, Hearts or Hibernian
Adult resale – £17
Concession resale – £12
Junior Resale – £6

All Other Opposition
Adult resale – £15
Concession resale – £11
Junior resale – £5