RANGERS fans have so much to be proud of: Our rich history as one of Europe’s leading sporting institutions, the standards the club has set from its very beginning and the passionate commitment of our supporters.

Pride is what being a Rangers fan is all about.

Rangers is a friendly club open to all and we want everyone to feel welcome when they come to Ibrox Stadium. We also like to be welcomed as true football supporters when we travel away from home.

That’s why the club and supporters joined together to launch Follow With Pride in 2007, a campaign which promotes sporting behaviour at matches and in the community.

Follow With Pride succeeded the successful Pride Over Prejudice campaign which had been running for the previous five years and was developed to help eradicate inappropriate behaviour.

Follow With Pride builds on the success of the Pride Over Prejudice initiative and highlights everything that is positive about Rangers – our great supporters, tremendous work in the community and the standards we set across the Club.

We are all part of the Rangers family and every one of us has a role to play. It is important all fans believe they are ambassadors for the Club and help protect and enhance Rangers reputation.

With this in mind supporters are asked to:

  • Sing the songs which celebrate the club, its honours and achievements both past and present
  • Wear recognised Rangers strips and traditional team colours
  • Display legitimate flags and banners
  • Avoid gestures and salutes that could be taken as offensive

Regulations introduced by the SFA and SPL for all domestic matches mean that ‘unacceptable conduct’ by supporters will lead to clubs being penalised.

If you hear of someone behaving in an inappropriate manner, putting the club at risk, report them anonymously or otherwise.

Supporters can write in confidence to Follow With Pride, Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, G51 2XD.

Fans who do behave in an inappropriate manner, bringing the club into disrepute, will face limited or lifetime bans, loss of season ticket or arrest by the police. Bans will apply to supporters clubs as well as individuals.