Rangers Football Club believes that all fans should feel welcome and safe at football regardless of age, disability, gender, ethnicity, race, faith, sexual orientation or any other equality characteristic.

Rangers Football Club is committed to promoting equality, valuing diversity and combating unfair treatment throughout our organisation, supporters and staff.

We are absolutely committed to confronting and eliminating discrimination while at the same time promoting inclusion and celebrating diversity.

Equality and Diversity Statement

Rangers Football Club is committed to promoting inclusion and equality and to confronting and eliminating discrimination of any form whether by reason of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, age, pregnancy or maternity, disability, gender identity or trans status.

Rangers Football Club will not tolerate any form of discrimination against any person and will take relevant action against employees, contractors or supporters who engage in discrimination.

We will create and maintain an organisation in which fairness, equality, anti-discrimination and diversity is maintained, promoted and enforced for the benefit of everyone.

Rangers Football Club is an equal opportunities employer. We aim to ensure that all employment decisions are taken, without reference to irrelevant or discriminatory criteria, and that staff feel valued and are able to aspire to achieve their full potential.

Legal Obligations

Rangers Football Club is committed to avoiding and eliminating unfair discrimination of any kind in the club, and will under no circumstances condone unlawful discriminatory practices. The organisation takes a zero-tolerance approach to harassment, victimisation or bullying.


The following steps will be taken to publicise this policy and promote equality in Rangers Football Club:

  • A copy of this document will be published on the Rangers Football Club website
  • The Rangers Football Club Board will take overall accountability for ensuring that the policy is observed
  • The Rangers Football Club Board will take full account of the policy in arriving at all decisions in relation to activities of Rangers Football Club
  • Rangers Football Club will implement regular audits, surveys or other initiatives designed to assess the level of participation of different sections of the community in the club and will take account of the findings in developing measures to promote and enhance equality in the club.
  • Rangers Football Club will provide access to a rolling programme of training (for example, online, face-to-face, briefings) for all of its players, match-day fans, staff, Board members, participants in outreach programmes and other people engaged with the club’s activities to raise awareness of both collective and individual responsibilities.

It will be a condition of working with Rangers Football Club that suppliers and individuals paid to represent the club:-

  • Commit to act in accordance with this policy; and
  • Support such measures and initiatives that Rangers Football Club may institute or take part in to advance the aims of this policy.

Responsibility, Monitoring and Evaluation

The Rangers Football Club Board will be accountable for ensuring the implementation of this policy. The Managing Director will be responsible for the day-to-day implementation of equality in the club.

The Board itself will review the policy at intervals of no more than three years, (or when necessary due to changes in legislation) in line with the policy review process.

Complaints and compliance

Rangers Football Club considers all forms of discriminatory behaviour as unacceptable, and is concerned with ensuring individuals feel able to raise any grievance or complaint related to such behaviour without fear of being penalised for doing so.

Appropriate action will be taken against any player, match-day fan, staff, Board member, participant in outreach programmes and other people engaged with the club’s activities who violate the Rangers Football Club’s Equality & Diversity Policy.

Any person who believes that they have been treated in a way that they consider to be in breach of this policy by a player, match-day fan, member of staff, Board member, participant in outreach programmes (or other people engaged with the club’s activities) should, in the first instance, complain directly to that person. If this does not resolve the matter, or in the case of allegations of discriminatory behaviour against Rangers Football Club itself, the person may raise the matter by writing directly to:

Stewart Robertson
Managing Director
Rangers Football Club
Ibrox Stadium, Edmiston Drive
Glasgow G51 2XD

Rangers Football Club will investigate the complaint and appoint a person to do this. The investigation will be conducted impartially, confidentially, and without avoidable delay. Any person against whom a complaint has been made will be informed of what is alleged and given the opportunity to present their side of the matter.

The parties in question will be notified of the outcome of the investigation, in writing, and this will be reported to Rangers Football Club Board. If the investigation reveals unacceptable discriminatory behaviour on the part of a person or organisation, Rangers Football Club may impose sanctions on that person or organisation in line with its policies. Sanctions may range from a written reminder concerning future conduct extending to temporary or permanent expulsion from Rangers Football Club’s activities. In deciding what sanction is appropriate in a particular case the Board will consider the severity of the matter and take into account any mitigating circumstances.

Where the breach of the Equality and Diversity Policy is by way of harassment, victimisation or discrimination and amount to a criminal offence, the appropriate authority will be informed.

In the event that an individual or organisation associated with Rangers Football Club is subject to allegations of unlawful discrimination in a court or tribunal, Rangers Football Club Board will co-operate fully with any investigation carried out by the relevant lawful authorities and, subject to the outcome, may consider taking action as above in relation to the matter concerned.

Adopted by Rangers Football Club Board

Policy to be reviewed August 2019