RANGERS recently launched a new Fans Charter which is the latest strand in our hugely successful diversity and inclusion campaign ‘Everyone Anyone’.

Rangers is proud to be a diverse football club where people from all backgrounds, cultures and communities are welcome.

Our Everyone Anyone campaign represents our core values and sends a clear message of inclusion, togetherness and zero-tolerance to all forms of discrimination – on and off the pitch.

We feel it is the responsibility of everyone associated with the club – fans, players, staff and the wider community – to help create a positive environment where our differences are celebrated, our shared bond is our love of Rangers and no one is excluded.

I pledge to play my part in the initiative by:
  • Acting as an ambassador for Rangers at all times by being respectful, tolerant and inclusive
  • Raising awareness of the Everyone Anyone diversity and inclusion campaign
  • Appreciating that despite our many differences, we are all united in our support for Rangers
  • Respecting supporters and groups who share contrary views and beliefs
  • Acknowledging we should all feel safe, welcome and wanted at Rangers matches
  • Recognising the barriers people may experience because of their identity
  • Standing up and being an ally for those who experience discrimination
  • Rejecting pre-conceived stereotypes about Rangers fans, players and staff and their identities
  • Assisting Rangers to showcase our varied fanbase by setting a positive example at matches
  • Accepting there is no place in society for bigotry, racism, sectarianism or homophobia
  • Reporting discriminatory language and behaviour whenever I witness or experience it
  • Being aware of how my behaviour and language might impact on others
  • Understanding there will be sanctions for discrimination and anti-social behaviour