At Rangers, we recognise the child’s rights to protection, as laid out in United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child, Article 19; protection from all forms of violence (physical or mental), abuse, neglect and mistreatment.

Our aim is to protect all children and young people from harm or risk of harm; we will safely recruit the people working with children and young people, train and support those individuals to adopt best practice to protect children and respond to all allegations of poor practice, misconduct or abuse of children.

Should you ever have cause for concern about the wellbeing of child or young person under the age of 18 years, please contact the club Child Wellbeing & Protection Officer (details below). If the matter is urgent and you are not able to make contact with our Child Wellbeing Officer, please contact Police Scotland 101 for support and advice.

Responding to concerns about a child

We (or you) may be informed in different ways with regards to details of a concern about a child. This may be:

a) a direct disclosure by the child
b) due to the observation of a child; which is perhaps demonstrated in a change in their behaviour, appearance or nature.
c) information that is shared from another individual or organisation.

Responding to concerns about the conduct of an adult towards a child

Any concerns for the wellbeing of a child arising from the conduct of an adult towards a child must be reported to Rangers FC Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer on the day the concern arises, as soon as practically possible.

In all cases, the best interest of the child/young person will be of paramount consideration.

In all instances please contact Arlene Sinclair, Rangers FC Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer on 07545059463 or email [email protected] to report the concern as soon as possible

At any point in responding to concerns about the conduct of an adult, advice may be sought from the police (101) or social work services.