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Tuesday, 27 November 2012 15:38

We Won’t Go Back to SPL

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CHARLES GREEN has strenuously reiterated that he will not take Rangers back to the SPL in its current form as proposals for big changes to the Scottish game are now gaining momentum.

The SFL are unanimously backing a 16-10-16 set-up which would, by definition, involve the SPL clubs going back to the Scottish League.

While the SPL countered that with two divisions of 12 which would split into three divisions of eight after two rounds of fixtures, with no mention of the remaining 18 Scottish clubs.

The Rangers Chief Executive has still to study both plans closely, but he is insistent that following the treatment by the SPL and continued problems over investigations and image rights he has no desire to rejoin their ranks.

Speaking exclusively to RangersTV Green said: “I have said before that I wouldn’t return to the SPL in its current form and I stand by that – it just wouldn’t happen.

“Whilst we have solved many issues the one big issue that has now been deferred to the 29th of January is the issue of title-stripping.

“I have said consistently since May that it achieves nothing and it’s nothing to do with my newco and therefore I won’t engage with it.

“But while it’s out there as a threat then it makes it very difficult to engage with the SPL about how we might take things forward when they still might want to go backwards.

“So my position would be unchanged. It would be very difficult, indeed impossible, to engage with the SPL under those circumstances.

“We still have an on-going problem with image rights. The SPL have given us some allowances but it’s just a temporary fix so there are a whole raft of things that need to be tabled.

“I accept that while Rangers are the biggest club in Scotland we are not the only club and while we have to do what’s right for Rangers we have to do what’s right for Scottish football.

“There are parts that I personally might not like to endure but in the spirit of fixing things we are big and man enough to look at it again.

“There are a lot of questions out there that need to be answered and as Rangers are the biggest club in Scotland then we will be playing an active part with all of the groups to see how this problem in Scotland can be fixed and how we can mend the hurt that has been caused in the last year or more.

“In truth I don’t know enough about the proposals yet. I have only seen what has been in the public domain because I have been involved with the road shows.

“I have had some chats with the Football League but I haven’t spoken to the SPL about their proposals that they announced last week.

“But we need more information before we decide what the best route is for Rangers.

“We have to acknowledge that there is a problem in Scottish football that needs to be fixed sooner rather than later and we are happy to engage with whoever comes forward with a credible plan.”

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