ALLY McCOIST says he is thrilled for the supporters and everyone who fought fairly and squarely to bring glory to Rangers after today’s verdict by the SPL Commission.

Even although everyone at Rangers knew there had been no attempt to gain an unfair advantage, there were fears that titles were under threat.

The manager, of course, was at the hub of three of those – the Championship successes of 2009, 2010 and 2011 as assistant to Walter Smith.

Now he feels a huge cloud has been blown away and Rangers can continue their recovery process after 12 months of turbulence and trauma.

Speaking exclusively to RangersTV McCoist said: “I think the result of the Commission has totally vindicated the entire club and the playing staff throughout that period.

“We always felt and hoped it would be the case and it goes without saying that we are delighted with the outcome. We feel that common sense has prevailed thankfully.

“It’s been niggling away at all our minds for a long time now – and it has been the same for players and ex-players and certainly supporters.

 “It was worrying because we always hoped for the right outcome but you never know.

“It’s great that we have some closure on it now.

“We were 100 per cent sure in our own minds that there had been no wrong-doing in terms of trying to seek an unfair advantage or to say it more bluntly cheat because that is the worst crime you can ever level at a sportsman.

“To have something like that levelled at you is pretty outrageous and I’m thrilled for all the fans, for the staff and all the players that a sensible outcome has been reached.”

The manager reiterated the importance of Rangers’ victories in the last decade when he said: “These titles were won on the park. You set out at the start of every season to win the title and I think it was unanimous from every ex-player that I read in that they said there was no unfair advantage being sought during this period.

“I’m just hopeful we can put this saga behind us. We have come a long way but this cloud was hanging over us. Now it has gone and we can move forward.

“I have spoken to supporters who haven’t sleep at night – that’s how much it means to them.

“We take satisfaction with what we feel is the correct result but now it’s time for us to move on as a club.

“The recovery has started and we want to continue our efforts to get the club back to where we want to get to.”


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